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Last time anonymous hacked psn said they did it.

So heaps of psn players went into their irc servers and just spammed all the irc channels for a week or 2.

Then when kicked out theyd just ping all their servers and boy did they get the shits from about 1 million or so people all over the world crashing their servers.

That's why they've never done it again as their own people and servers will be found out or crashed

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Yes comes out on pc but this game is in its 2nd or 3rd delay for not being ready, so im just waiting to pick it up day 1 and see what happens thereafter.

I get tge impression this game will be a great idea but badly executed type game.

Have to wait till feb to see anything.

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I've looked at what's on offer, of utter crap to buy games.

Its mostly bundles of indie games for a couple bucks then a real old tripple a game going for 20% off not really worth botgering with this crap.

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Sony is no where near going bankrupt.

They are in far too many pies to go bankrupt. The ps won't go away either as siny is a hardware/content producer so while they make a console they will also be making content/games for it.

The console helps to drive content selling in games and movies and tge trade off is to see the content you require a tv and sony will be hoping that's a sony brand tv. Or people want a sony brand tv to upgrade to.

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Pc games have done that for the last 4 5 years.

Rage is a good example of using this but having the gfx card also compress textures as needed.

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Theres plenty of pc games with 2000x2000 and games with 4000x4000 res textures working fine on a 1gig gfx card.

Its only the last 2 3 years pc gfx cards have had more than 1 gig on the card to hold more textures if any games ever came out to use it up.

This is a poorly researched story that really is written by someone who has no idea what they are writing about.

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I have it and its pretty good.

Id say most of the reviewers dont play it for long maybe 1 2 levels and that's it.

As it starts to get harder at lvl 3 and 4. And further on.

But if ypu dont get that far then people will say it sucks. Also it has the people done as basic 3d objects so it sucks in the kids but some say they are crap or poor but its like that for the kids.

Overall the reviewers probably only play fos ganes a...

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Gt 6 is very good. With a g27 you get the bumps in the track coming through the steering wheel.

Also very nice car handling as well.

As for sounds its a bit silly as cars habe sound blocking so you really shouldnt hear much of any engine sound or road noise.

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You really would have to remove all the RROD send backs as these end up getting fixed up and sent back out.

Which MS calls a sale, which in the real world isn't a sale at all.

at best MS probably only has around 40 to 50 million consoles at people's home around the world the rest will be in dumps and warehouses waiting for something to be done to them.

MS just had it's first reported non profit this year, in other words MS in 2012...

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So how did this site figure out that Xbox 720 was the most popular search?

Maybe there was 1 extra search on the 720 searches in statics that usually means 99% of the world's population is only searching for that item/thing/product.

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I find it absurd that people think the 720 will be a games console.

look at the 360 right now, it's a TV settop box they have added 150 tv channels to it right now.

the 4 games for the 360 have all being released the rest are 3rd party games.

and in the last 6 months has been turned into a 5 to 10 years old gaming device with kencit

MS just turned windows OS into a phone/tablet OS, that's been an utter mess for MS a...

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I think your 360 games list shows the problem with the 360 in general and MS support of it these days.

Once a year you get the chance to buy the next version of the exact same game.

The multiplats don't mean much overall because they are on all platforms.

Where as Sony had a set of games and did them for the PS2 MS bought access to those games.

Sony for the PS3 did a whole new set of games for the...

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Nintendo don't make their own products bit like Apple don't make their own products either.

Overall this servey is silly the darfur war which this is mainly about, the same war that had that other group whinge about kony, the same war that's been going on for the last 15 - 20 years straight but no one really cares much because it's all in africa.

It's silly to say companies need to source stuff from non war based countries because platinu...

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People care about this wow.

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People only buy extras if they have the money.

the EU and US markets aren't even out of the GFC problem and the current EU could see the next major GFC happen as soon as the end of this year.

The countries that are still going ok have slowed right down almost to the point where there's no big money moving around and the small money that is isn't going to make share prices go up.

The real problem is the CEO's and money people w...

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The Bullfrog days are his best ones.

I've probably played all his games from brand new all are pretty good, I quite liked powermonger and populous is great as well, very interesting.

Black & White was ok but the animal was a waste of time.

The best for me though was syndicate it's never been done better that FPS crap that came out is a waste of time and wouldn't even come close to syndicate games.

Always like...

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Um, just wondering and I can't remember exactly but didn't sony say they where going to skip this years E3 and do something next year?

might have been around feb march

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I doubt an Oct release for GTA-V

I could see the Shipped really means all that guys work has been shipped.

GTA-IV was released last year and if they do a complete new city or expand it then it'll take around 2 years to get everything correct.

That's the normal turn around for any game.

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Max pain was due for an april release the consoles might and the PC version has been held back but so far I've seen a 12th of may release date for max pain.

Thats the second delay for max pain I believe.

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The CPU would be utter hogwash.

The 360 uses a 3 core intel CPU.

The Cell chip made by IBM is a PowerPC chip by design.

Currently intel don't make any 16 thread or even 16 core CPUs, this even goes for the server/business side.

They do make 8 core CPUs that have 16 threads but these CPUs are around $2500USD and not sold to households.

Having 2 threads per CPU isn't the same as 2 cores, and probably sl...

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