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Microsoft didn't force MLB on Xbox. MLB gave Sony 2 options either go multiplat or risk losing the license.

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According to your large amount of disagrees you actually didn't buy one because you wanted one.

So stop lying to yourself and tell us the real reason!! Were you held a gunpoint? Did someone threaten your kids? No one buys Series X because they want to. In the N4G community, we throw all logic out the window when you're a fan of Xbox.

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Microsoft is working on it. They bought studios less than 2 years ago, it takes time to develop games.

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Ahhhhhh, I think it means it's exclusive to Xbox? 😜

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No, I don't think they should be worried. It seems like it was just tacked on. I think it felt generic if this mode was a standalone title and didn't have the COD name attached to we wouldn't be talking about It... The game mode honestly plays like an early Xbox 360 game.

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Honestly no one should be surprised. This game looks terrible from the beginning.

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False. People have long torrented games, especially PC gamers.

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I haven't heard anything about an Xbox conference. When is this suppose to take place?

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PSI-OPs was really good. I'm sad we never seen seque to one of my favorite games of that generation

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This isn't some indie developer were they only have a few people on the team. They could've easily added a Campaign. This is Activision seeing what they can get away with.

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Thanks for the info!!

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I wouldn’t say that. This game has plenty of gameplay videos and a decent amount of people have played this in the Alpha and beta test.

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No shit Sherlock. It’s only been available on the Xbox one for about a week.

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No, people hate on COD because it's straight up garbage. It's the same shit every year with different skins.

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So from the sounds of it, it's gonna be just like the stupid Family Guy and Simpsons mobile game. I have to say this is disappointing.

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Because Bethesda?

I'm pretty sure their games come with a seal of approval stating that "you'll never find a game that runs as poorly as ours"

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I'm not sure what this is talking about. I work in the mobile department at Target and we recieved our copies today.

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I honestly don't get the hype behind MW. The game came out like 8 years ago. Yes, it was good then, but you also have been playing the same game each year with a different skin. Once you played one COD you played them all.

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Target doesn't own the stores in Australia, it's a separate company from the U.S. one.

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