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So will games like fortnite, apex legends or warzone be on this? I'm so confused by what they are trying to do...

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very true. I hated the PS1 PS2 and PS3 controller... what finally got me to buy a playstation was the dualshock 4 controller.

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Good, hopefully this improves the long queues for playing ranked!

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If more games supported mouse and keyboard on the PS4, I'd use it. This could also be a great thing for specific game genres like MMORPG's, The sims, RTS. The best solution is to match by input for any multiplayer games and have the user be able to choose to play cross platform.

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Spiderman did very well, it sold over 13 million copies!

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Microsoft knows the money isn't in how many gaming consoles it sells, but rather how many people are paying for their subscription services. Expanding on other devices seems like a good way for them to make a larger profit.

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I agree, politics have no place in games. One suggestion in terms of piracy, release Ion Fury on consoles. It's much more difficult to pirate a console game vs PC games.

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Sony online entertainment was publishing games on the PC in the 90s...

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Good point. I remember buying my OG Xbox right when the price dropped down to 200 with my Paper Route money when I was a kid.

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No more "free maps" like sandstorm please!

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$199 for a handheld only version of the switch. The regular switch will remain at the $299 price point.

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This article will be dead on arrival.

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When I first got VUE it s was $30.... now it's $45.

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But it's like the same price as an Xbox One S... Microsoft is selling a console that is cheaper to make and comes with less features for the same price.

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The PS3 was $599 and sony still sold them at a loss.

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I like how the xbox digital console came out and they got rid of the optical drive, but it was like the same price as the Xbox one s.

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$499 for a console seems to much. Might as well just buy a PC for that price.

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When the PS4 came out and at $400 it was a slam dunk price point because Xbox one was $500. It will be interesting to see if there is a large gap between the console prices this time around. Especially since there is no "kinect" camera.

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Sounds cool! But I guarantee after a few minutes of one of my friends using this, I'd mute them :D

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I'm curious to know how Xbox Scarlet is going to be different from the PS5. They both seem like have similar specifications. With a big empathize on upgraded hard drives and faster load times.

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