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Interesting that it's going to take place on a stage.

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And yet, those charts are posted here every week and used as guide tool.

The fact of the matter is that they aren't "biased". Their data just isn't the most accurate, but it also isn't that off either, esp. with it being up to six month old.

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This article is surprisingly unbiased while being informative. Great piece.

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Yeah, people really need to stop concluding that the Wii U can go toe-toe with the X1 and PS4 graphically just because the majority of it's games are in 1080p and/or 60FPS.

It can play with the big boys, but when a game like Project Cars comes around, it'll probably run in 720p 30fps while the PS4 and X1 versions run in (or at least target) 1080p 60fps (with graphical downgrades obv. though).

People should be perfectly content with the fact that the W...

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Yep. That's the power of the PS4 and Xbox One.

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You have a really good article here. I've grown to dislike the term "next-gen", and I couldn't have explained why any better than you have. And I'm considered a PC elitist by some so it has nothing to do with bias. You just made solid points. I hope the day comes where we drop the term next-gen, because one day, that won't mean anything anymore.

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Gonna have to mark this as off topic. As a result of not reading the article, you said something completely unrelated.

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What's wrong with that? Games on other platforms are not capable of doing this. I got into Mario Kart before I hit double digits. Now I'm a grown ass man and I almost cried watching the new MK8 features trailer.

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Chicks love Nintendo

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Just sit down, man. You know very well N4G is notorious for kicking Xbox One when it's down, but when PS4 falls into the same predicament, it's passiveness all around.

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That sounds more like Sony than Nintendo.

Putting up a fight with it's gaming division, but it's not enough to keep them from incurring losses. Nintendo, on the other hand, did make a profit.

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Reported my own submission. ;)

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Looks a bit like Crash Bandicoot. Unsurprisingly so too considering the development team's history.

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Sony just fired almost all of Nintendo and biased sites like dualshockers just ignore it "because it's not gaming related".

And then what happens when Sony has to sell PlayStation to Apple because of their other divisions? We're just going to ignore that too because it's not gaming related?

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N4G: The saddest rat-hole on the internet. Blatant denial that Sony's gaming industry isn't enough to bring them to profitability.

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That's why the best selling games on PS4 are mostly multiplayer games right? Because you guys love your single player games.

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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Nothing must succeed. There is only what should succeed.

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No, just the cockroaches of N4G. Wake up and smell the roses dude. Sony isn't the only quality gaming company. When someone criticizes them, that's all it is.

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