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ooo looks like I had some store credit saved up too. i'll be picking it up for around $25 after certs and cash back on my card. no reason to wait with deals like that.

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Don't feed the troll PeaSFor. Need to see some more disagrees up in here for souls which have maintained their level of hardcoreness.

Bunch of Offtopic nonsense. This game isn't Dark SOuls. It has elements of Amalur, Souls, Dragon's Age, Dragons Dogma and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head but it looks cool and i will be picking it up May 9th

Plus it is launching at $50. So it's cheaper right off the bat. With best buys g...

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Enjoy. best in the series to date.

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It'll be cool that they have a headstart for their next game on ps4.

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At higher levels, sorcerers are basically running up to bosses with their heavy damage spells and 2 shotting them. They are balancing the game so they can't do this and its more challenging/ fair for all classes.

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This is misinformation.

They are nerfing the heck out of magic sorceries and to compensate for the nerfs they have to make bosses a bit easier by bringing bosses down.

This will make all the other classes who weren't sorcerers do a bit more damage but not enough for the game to be "easy".

The game will be harder if you plan on rolling a sorcerer.

Don't spread misinformation.

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donkey kong country tropical freeze is also insanely good. it's better than anything ive played on my ps4 this year and i play alot of games. still my game of the year pick surprisingly. i didn't think it would hold up against dark souls 2 although i have logged more hours into dark souls 2.

i bet they have some info on the next zelda game this year. not a release date for this year but info on it for next years release.

anyways very much looking forw...

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psp had 3 actually and you can play them all on the vita.

chinatown wars

liberty city stories

vice city stories

agrees for everyone because i also would like another gta on the vita

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ehhh... just let it die already

$180 per year ontop of the yearly expansions and stuff you'll buy in game is a horrible deal for players. i can't believe people still play this with such an outdated pricing scheme. total ripoff.

You could spend $50 on a PS+ subscription and get multiple new games every week.

Who are the people who still play this game and why do you still play it? They pretty much killed all the challenge associated w...

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i'm about halfway through with the game and so far it feels like a 9/10 to me. i will admit that it felt more like a 7/10 or an 8/10 until i got to the part where you get the neon powers. this is mainly because of how grindy and repetitious collecting all the blast shards and 100%ing each zone can be. but the neon powers completely mixup the way you navigate the city and were so refreshing, fun and new. i get the feeling the game will only have 2-3 powers but i wish it had even more you c...

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I don't know why you have so many disagrees.

It is an A. You have to take into acccount the reviewers that give scores like 4/5 when the game just wasn't perfect enough for the 5th star.

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Where did that term "graphic whore" originate?

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Hugo you're basically being manipulated by a handful of entitled losers who like to complain. Don't bother.

Everyone knows from goes above and beyond to release quality games. They bent over backwards to do a pc release being unfamiliar releasing games on pc and all they got was whiny little brat complaints.

N4G is overrun by whiny pc babies. No point in trying to reason with scumbags.


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DSOG= little pc fanbois

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It all depends on how patient you are.

If you are willing to wait, it's a very cost effective hobby. For example, you could buy a PS3 right now and have a vast, vast selection of sub $10 games along with a harddrive that will store prettymuch everything you need. PS+ alone gives you more than you could possibly play.

That said, if you want the latest games then that is when it starts getting expensive if you are not shopping around for the deals.

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I'm sure it will be a decent game considering how long it's taken them to release it. 2+ years old game from pc

I'm going to skip it because I don't want a penny of my money going towards Activision.

Activision Blizzard only cares about the profits from their games, not the game quality or audience itself. The only reason it's getting this much time and polish is A. some type of deal worked out with sony B. the MASSIVE growing install bas...

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I'm sure it will be a decent game considering how long it's taken to get it out from the PC release. 2+years old?

I'm not playing anything that gives money to Activision.

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wow apparently this site is hounded by losers who steal.

no wonder i lose so many bubbles for making intelligent comments on it.

you're all scum. get fucked.

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@ oh_yeah

Advocating stealing is not a good way to win an argument.

you're pretty pathetic.

console gaming is cheaper than pc gaming by miles.

altogether last year i spent less on all my games than it would cost to build a nice cost efficient rig.

stop the lies. you're not impressing anyone. you're just an annoying douche.

Reporting the stealing commment as offensive and downbubb...

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they are NOT exaggerating. people are just spoiled rotten.

if you took the time to compare PS3/PS4/WiiU in the videos where people compare the current multiplatform games the only difference between them was added effects like rain/lightning and more foilage on the ground.

that said, it is very early in the consoles life and future games will further the divide. but for the time being, they are not too much different. ps3 to ps4 was not that large of a leap ...

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