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for the chance to buy some games at a discounted price. Your a real financier.

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redundant statement is redundant.

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using it outside of a gaming context without looking lascivious.

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If you delete home, it will save you from accidentally clicking on it and you get a bonus 3.5 gigabytes of extra space on your hard drive.

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Comparison charts

It feels like 2006 all over again.

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All you did was reiterate my point.

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the SNES, third parties have always suffered on nintendo platforms, so what's your point?

Nintendo builds platforms specifically for their games. They could really careless if anyone else succeeds on their platform.

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from gamestop. I didn't even know the sale was going on. I went in there expecting to buy nothing.

Then I saw GOW3 new for $30 and Batman AA new $20, I bought both and am now very happy. :)

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Dante's Inferno 2 confirmed.

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haven't noticed Nintendo isn't very good at this whole online thing.

No MMO has succeeded or even released ever (with the exception being FF11) on a console let alone a handheld. This would be a very bad idea if Bioware were to look into this.

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a chance at launch, but the controls were just too awful for me to overcome.

I would have had a better chance of trying to teach my dragon calculus than trying to make it do a 180 degree turn.

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it's a list of the "rarest" games, but every single one of those games can be downloaded legally from many different venues.


eBay prevalence doesn't equal actual rarity

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it's a 2048 megabyte download!!!

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These masturbatory stories are getting a little out of hand.

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with a Wipeout HD platinum, I then sent him a message ripe with envy.

Also, SOCOM Confrontation and Warhawk are two games that it is almost impossible to obtain a platinum trophy in.

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no I pretty much meant what I wrote.

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see another GTA until the next generation of consoles.

One's with more RAM and required hard drives.

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Is that supposed to make sense?

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try to use "I was being sarcastic", as a phrase to mask their idiocy.

If your being sarcastic and it's not evident in your post, you should probably stop trying to be sarcastic.

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I'd call myself a masochist.

While playing through a tough game like Castlevania, I wonder why I do this to myself.

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