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Just beat The Order. I loved it and I really hope they get a sequel. Some areas to improve on, but its not like the game was a steaming pile of shit. It played quite well and had an amazing story.

Its setup perfectly for another. Just hope they expand on what they have and keep what was done right.

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or anything else..

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Damn. It does look good...but shit this game looked amazing back when it was released.

ps. Never noticed how massive Kratos hands are...damn dude.

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I have a power consumption joke about never turning my xbox on...but that just makes me look like a jackass.

In truth, i haven't turned either system on lately. Too damn busy and nothing good enough to pull me in.

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360 games already offered by Ps+ months ago.
Nothing to see here...

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Only reason I think this sucks is because the game is great and would be nice to get it out into more peoples hands.

fantastically fun race game! horrid, horrid launch.
but thats behind us now. :)

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I like the idea of making a game last longer than a year. giving us half backed games instead of one that took years to develop is a bad trend this industry is taking.

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releasing a game annually and I'm already disappointed.

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yawn. Here we go again.
This gen is starting out a lot like last...Seems Sony's first party games have some growing pains on new systems. Have they been terrible?

no, i dont think so. I think 3rd party games have just gotten a lot better lately. (minus the god awful launches of many.)

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I dont mind paying. But the games on the service have to match the price. Plus...I've heard it's still a little laggy for some games. Would like for the service to be pretty much flawless before I fork out and extra couple hundred on something like this.

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"XBL never goes down. PSN is a shitty network."

says people who live under a rock.

Both networks have been having a real shitty time lately, hopefully they can get it back up and running. Enjoying the Halo5 beta!

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Glad he finally played it.
But how can you be a video game writer and only own 1 console? Heck even if you own the other system just to try the exclusives. You dont need to live on that other system, but do you know whats out there if you can't taste both sides of the lollipop?

He should regret not getting a chance to play every single Playstation exclusive. Not because they're all great and better than whats on Xbox, but because if you love games ...

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I want my Halo to feel and play like Halo.No change is needed.

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I gotta say, xbox were offering better bundles than Sony. (as far as price goes)

Walmart here was doing the Assassins creed bundle for $349 with a $50 gift card. Ps4 was just offering a free game at regular price.

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imagine if they put the power brick inside..

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Do you know him?
How do you know he's playing "himself"?

A lot of comedians do this. Adam Sandler, Will Farrel, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogan, Zach Galifianakis, Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, Jonah Hill.

Thats their style of comedy, so why would they change it? Thats what makes them them.
You only see a difference when the role requires it. ie. jonah Hill in money ball/wolf, will farrell in "everything must go", Ste...

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Its cheaper, has no better games and the UI and UE is terrible. I hate using my xbox1 not because I hate the system and think everyone should have a ps4, but because it really isn't user friendly. The homescreen is a mess, trying to find your friends and messages seems nearly impossible.

I just dont enjoy my experience outside of games on xb1. And even the games worth buying (talking pretty much exclusively about Halo) are nearly impossible to play due to it being broken...

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Ive seen a lot of xboxs being purchased lately. Price drop has helped them tons. CoD and Halo hasn't hurt either.

Can't get over how they're selling the Kinect standalone for $150 though. Thats just outrageous.

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It still doesn't have dedicated servers?!

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I like what I've seen from MS within this first year.
They have been having their butts handed to them month after month, but they are constantly trying to improve their system.

Sony, is out in front comfortably but I hope they dont get too comfortable and forget to continue to bring updates to the system. They NEED to take care of their server issues. Either system or dedicated game servers. They simply can't allow another launch like DriveClub and can't...

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