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Def Jam meets Pain?...I agree that it also looks terrible

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I'm sold, but I'm literally only 2 hours in to the original and I bought that used. I think this will be a nice upgrade. The dualsense support and 3D audio if anything like Returnal, will make this gaming experience amazing.

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I bought it at launch for the Steelbook...lol. It's still sealed and I won't play it until the next gen version is released.

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Seems like they could take advantage of a Rachet & Clank with some competitve/fun multiplayer.

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I agree with you demonseye. I put close to 100 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn and even after completing it, I found myself going back to find different ways to kill the machines.

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Wreckfest is solid and a good alternative to Destruction Derby.

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