5th generation master race.


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dlc on the disk im not buy this crap!!

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I will laugh if they sell more on 360!!

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With out texture mods crysis 1 trumps all ur games! :)


I liked crysis when it was more photoreal & now it like playing a comic book character..

But who cares BF3 ftw!!

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goty!! Who cares what the awards say!

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Wow! MetaScore must be 9.2 atleast!! this is the real game of the year wow!! I hope it sells 999,999,999,999,001 copies!!

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Crysis 1 humans are smarter!! These ai are console gamers. :(

BF3 ftw!!

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And unlike most shooters it's innovative!!

After BF3 & RO2 I may not buy another shooter this year!
Oh rage also..

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lol I can't wait to see the PS3 vs 360 WW3!! It inevitable!!

Graphics wise this year my money in on BF3 & Uncharted 3.. But gears looks great!

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ps3 version is almost in hd though. Pretty impressive.

But really this is the best looking console game I have ever played on pc..

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Wow!!! Thoughs ps3 owners are really supportive!! Great job!!

Im sure he took atleast $900 a built a high end pc for battlefield 3!

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it's a software that assumes you are a criminal!

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it alread has 3d support just not on ps3 yet! get ready for 23fps then!

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umm it look similar to xbox sooo...

plus look @ the video discription..

"1152x720 while the PS3 ran lower at 1024x720"


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Killzone of duty? 3?

BF3 & Red Orchestra 2 are the ones worth playing to get away from call of duty elements..


so it's worth the $10 on steam?

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This gen is outdated!! If you want your games to look like BF3 on PC with 64 players & big maps you need new tech!!

I really hope Sony & M$ wont hold back progress for 10 years!!

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If a game like BF3 was made for ps3 as lead platform it would be nothing like it is now! :)

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