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Hey guys and gals! The next update should go live tomorrow. In the mean time, I pulled the game from the store after finding that nasty missing items bug. I appreciate ya checking it out people! Thanks and sorry if the glitch caused any headaches. Working on my coding skills! (And my testing methods!)

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I also vote for "Nintendo"'.

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Nothing went wrong. It's a good game.

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hand drawn ftw. Nice to see someone who actually stills knows what a pencil is! lol

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I'm running this on xp with an 8800gt with 6gigs of ram and a dual core 3.2ghz. playing on ultra settings with anti-aliasing on and it looks absolutely amazing. mind blowing actually. Games runs very smooth except for the occasional hiccup. This is one of my favorite games of all time now and the visuals are absolutely breath taking. This article does not reflect everyone's experience obviously.

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i listened to the the lord of the rings soundtracks with oblivion all the time back in the day. was epic.

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Not to be rude, but if you have to ask, just move on to the next game that does appeal to you.
But if you really do want a few reasons,
1-standing on a snow covered mountian peak as the wind blows and the sun rises in the distance - awesome sense of being in the game
2- it's like being in amazingly detailed d&d universe
3-incredible music
4-awesome magic-summon zombies to do your bidding - posess a deer to be your pet/follow you around

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I would have to agree with them. Had onlive since day one, got my free game, and just maybe like once every 1 or 2 months log on to demo some new games. I purchase 360 and ps3 games regularly, but I just can't stand the dullness of the presented graphics. Will never buy an onlive game.

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i love sequels.

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I pledge to Go Commando September 20th!beyotches!

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This will be the VERY BEST GAME OF ALL TIME .
and those who dont agree can suck it!

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I prefer to watch netflix on my 360 but I prefer to play games on my ps3. Here's my question- why Cant you see an alphabetical list of all the movies on netflix?and why is there not s random movie section? I find myself
just randomly typing letters
in the search bar just to find new stuff! Interface definately needs more options.just sayin.

I would have to disagree with this article. Ya just can't generalize people. And, netflix on the 360 has the part...

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Not really a
surprise seeing as how onlive could "potentially" be a huge hit to disc based sales especially when they start including it with cable tv.onlive is the antigamestop.

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You are an idiot.

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Wow! Terrible article. Obviously somewhere there's paperwork that describes how things work but what the hell is the point of posting this article if u don't post the . PDF? Lame

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Bought 1 and 2 but am gonna wait for 3 to hit the bargain bin. They don't do a good enough job fleshing out the characters. By the end of the games I really diDnt give a hoot about what was going on. I do however pop in 2 and play the Chicago level as I enjoyed the graphics at the beginning of that level and when u get rushed from the chimera in the alley. But that's it. Kinda weird I know but I just don't enjoy them.

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Rrodr2-red rings of death round 2
xbox360 2.0


I think just " X " would be cool.

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7,354,932. But not a single one
more than that.

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Below the root- amazing game- IBM or apple ii - side scrolling adventure game released in 1984.One of my favorite games ever. My point is, you can make beautiful games with minimal hardware abilities. Talented artists can be an amazing asset!

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Yeah but a greasy hamburger better not cost 60$.

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