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Nintendo RIP?

I hope this is not the end for Nintendo because I have always enjoyed playing Mario and Zelda games.

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Destiny story has always been a mystery for me and I completed the game with 3 different characters.


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Post your number then.

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I cant wait to test out some of these games look amazing.


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I agree consoles are NOT a dying breed.

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Yes its a remaster.

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Rewards are nice. I cant wait for The Taken King.

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It really does look amazing. I cant wait to play the remastered GAMES and the many many more remasters that will be made for the PS4 in the future.


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Microsoft are always listening to feedback and making changes. From the people working on Windows operating systems to the ones who are doing the Xbox one updates.


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@Adexus try reddit I have not played the game for many months now but I used to go on reddit and the bungie forum and people would post up they was looking for people to raid with.

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Yes I agree the game played a lot like a real nightmare.

Hats off to the game devs for making a game so realistic.

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Naughty Dog will make sure it does not spoil the game. I am looking forward to the stream, hopefully it all goes smooth and the servers do not go down during the livestream. I can imagine a lot of people will want to see this.

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I wish it had a feature like Life is STRANGE where u could go back and change ur choice. It would be cool if this option was unlocked after u complete the whole story or something.


I am about 3/4 of the way through the game and a lot of my characters have died already due to making the wrong choices lol

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Goods? Bads? Have you played the game to judge it?

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Hopefully Nintendo do like Sega did and stop producing consoles and bring all there 1st party games to to PS4 and XBOX ONE. I think then EVERYONE would be happy.

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I will pick this one up on PC also. I have it on XBONE but would love to also play on PC with friends.

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No not ALWAYS!

Remember Batman Arkham Knight?

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Annoying gamers and Grammir Naziz are the most annoying people.

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Yes Foehammer you are correct the blockbuster games coming out are crazy and I cant wait for it. I am also going to pick up an ELITE controller with the paddles as soon as its available.


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I love the direction that Microsoft is taking towards improving the Xbox One. I am proud to own a DAY ONE EDITION console and have loved EVERY minute of using it.

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