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My "trick" is easier.. Just hold your shield up.. Select the lizard as your target. Now keep straving/walking right and he can't hit you. As soon as he attacks you'll walk behind him and you can hit him once or twice.

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Get 9 tier 3 clinics and then just play the game. Do quests and stuff.. I did it this way and it took me 15 hours to get to 100 happiness. Got platinum now, yay.

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Oh noooo, I miss Jazz Jackrabbit!

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Oh my godddd. I knew it haha. But I didn't like the minutemen (grindy) quests. Maybe that's why I didn't do that.

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Yeah, I'm trying it at the Croup Manor now and it's a pain in the ass. Bull**** that we have to build tier 3 clinics for 100 happiness. I want to build an awesome town the way I like to do it =( The endings are pretty horrible indeed.

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Finished all three endings (liked the railroad ending the most, so stayed with that) and got two trophies to go. 100% settlement happiness and the 5 giant creatures. I still have around 30 quests in my log and saw around 200 places. I have a lot to do after platinum and I love it. It's so nice to play for an hour and just do (half of) a quest, explore something or build something new.

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LOVE by Nat King Cole.

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Never lost a single companion. Here's how I did it with the Strong/Trinity Tower quest: After you meet strong and get him out of the room, command your companion to step on the elevator outside the building. I quicksaved when I saved Strong and Piper went missing, so I loaded and commanded her to step on the elevator platform. I got all the companions now and still use Piper because of her xp buff. Also: as soon as you unlock a new companion, send your old one to a settlement and right af...

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Why would you want to cheat? This game already has V.A.T.S.

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I hope they bring in the mage in the tower from the first book.

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I thought that only players who know your "real" name on the PS4 see that avatar?

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You were younger.. Maybe you're getting boring.

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What the hell is everybody talking about? You can fine tune every cars handling.. This is the first race game that finally got it right.. I can change the handling whenever I want to try something different. Haven't you guys played the game at all?

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It got great after the tutorial. I played the beta for 20 hours.. Got a badass Honda Civic. Tuned it very nice and controlled just the way I want/like thanks to all the different things you can change on the car handling.

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One was epic.. The whole hype around one was great. I've never been so hyped about a game.. They also released the best trailers. The cello trailer still is the best game trailer I've ever seen: Most people who say that AC2 is the best in the series, played part one AFTER part 2. They missed the whole hype of part 1.

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This game only got me laughing. I didn't like it at all. The scares are too predictable for me, I guess.

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This article is pretty lame. "It's quite unlike any wedding I've attended IRL, but a welcome change of tone, I suppose, from the bleak depression of Wild Hunt's many deaths."

He also says that Geralt didn't feel as "his" Geralt (the way he role played as him) in this expansion. He talks as if he didn't have a choice to go and have sex with Shani, but he had. He didn't want to cheat on his lover from the orinigal game, but he did and...

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I loved the beta.. Always online is VERY nice in this game. There's always someone in your world and your online friends automatically drop into your world. @EazyC: The driving isn't underwhelming.. It's pretty overwhelming cos you can change every little thing of the car handling. I really like this, cos you can make your car drive the way you want it to drive/control (and you can do it with all the cars). It also looks superb on consoles with a nice fluid 30fps.

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I'll get all except Battlefront and COD. Even Goldeneye on N64 had better multiplay.

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Article: Q: DLC "Bloodborne The Old Hunters" How do I play doing is?
A: "Bloodborne" main part of the proceeding to some extent an item in a dream of the hunter "pupil of the hunter that drunk the blood" will appear. By obtaining the "pupil of drunken hunter in blood", you will be able to access the area that have been added in the DLC.

This is very nice, as I'm like 50% into NG+ and don't want to finish the game a secon...

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