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But but I have spend 1750€ for my new pc...oh well still I can play red dead redemption at 8k/60 ...

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There will not be a definitive or a remater version because ps5 will be compatible with the games of ps4...more of a patch update for 4k/60 ....

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yep the game sucks...

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today i just return home from a tired day at job....and i can say i have a hard ,streesfull and very demanding job...when people recognizes your work and praise y for that its one of the best feelings in the world....as it is to play this game...just amazing

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Lets baptize the fanboys in the name of sony....kratos...and waaaarrr

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the exact same thing was last year "ps4 pro is launching the most powerful console in history will you buy it?"
guess what:
ps4 still is selling better.
above the 70% of console gamers still playing in 1080p tv or better in 1080p gaming monitors with 1 ms.
and dont forget that microsoft promotes the xbonex as a true 4k native..so if you can understand the differnce of the two consoles "plus the amd 2x32bit solution of ps4" in terms of po...

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I play pes since the 90's when it was the international sup. Socc. Anyway from 2012-2015 I was playing fifa...I start pes from 2016...but yesterday when I try the demo I can say for sure THE king is totally back...as for metacritic or gamerankings my opinion is it will hit 88% and above

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For the most part is like a remake,tribute,reskin? Chooose what ever y like...its a good game but after all these years I cant see any good advance to gameplay wise.even the environments still is not destructible...I will keep my mw remaster for all time...and I will pass...star wars bf2 ,overwatch and some bf1 for me this year

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please show us bloodborne 2 i have done it platinum 3 times.
the 2 times was for my friends....

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Gamecube was and is for me one of the best nintendo consoles EVER check out some games below that is a reason to own switch
FZERO GX (from daytona creators)
Beachspikers (a sega gem)
Zelda windwaker
Mario sunshine
Soulcalibur 2 with link!
Waveracer (my favorite wr)
Starfox adventures (rare last good game)
Metal gear twin snakes (collectible)
Metroid prime and echoes (awesomeness)
Viewtiful joe (capcoms m...

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I agree with y
a friend of mine give me this video as a present,and I have it on my youtube..I will share it with y because we all begging to lose our path with specs...I want creators to make heroes and games with love and fantasy...

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dont waste yr breath i have many pc friends that admits horizon zero dawn and uncharted 4 as the most advanced engines right now.deliverance running on cryengine...even kojima choose dechima engine above all other engines right now

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but but i just bought nacon pro...which is superb after the 1.55 firmware update by the way....well i think ill get this one too

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ALL of a sudden it about power ..... for the last 4 years was "oh i cant see the differnce between 1080p and 900p"
and "oh 1080p dynamic is 1080p" and now maybe we have not any exclusives AAA games but assasins is 4k dynamic and...oh we can run titanfall 6k and.....blah blah blah
i have all platforms right now and pc and guess what i use my xboxone only for killer instinct.

I want to remind you all to think what was better in power the...

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But but with 6 teraflops of power we can atleast see driveclub at 4k/60

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For the last 4 years y were happy with 720p and 900p and with few AAA exclusives so when you surpass horizon zero dawn as a game and technical masterpiece dont even bother to convince people on forums because you have no AAA exclusives games and dont tell us about crackdown,state2 ,and sea of t,because these games are nothing compare to gow,spiderman,daysgone,lastofu s,detroit,shenmue 3, and so many others wait for sony conference. if y want true power go build a pc if y want the best AAA gam...

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I m waiting for this update for a month now.....I have seen it in beta mode and is amazing ....at last usb hdd for games support it no more deleted games..I love digital games because of how easy y can change from one game to another

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One reason switch is selling good and will continue to sell is because is portable nintendo sales on portable always r very strong.a second reason is to play the highest ranked game on metacritic and gamesrankings...so stop be funboys of some company and go get switch along with yr pc,ps4, or xbox I have them all and playing the best games out there....

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As I have said before I always buying all consoles....and switch looks very promising indeed much more than wiiu...but dont forget that its selling and as a portable console just like ds,3ds,gba ....so I am not surprised from the sales,I believe switch will be strong if nintendo shows at e3 strong software....even without the multiplatform games if nintendo give switch a strong vc which will include games from all nintendo platforms like ds,GameCube,wii,gba,wiiu, etc....

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oh my god......bow beating all zelda games in gamerankings/metacritic and even matches the legendary masterpiece of 1998 ocarina of time .....in 10 hours im ready for unboxing ...

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