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Looks good. A lot like dead/alien nation games.

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Good then the PS5 will either be the same price or cheaper.

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I still can't understand why anyone is expecting anything different from Microsoft this gen. It's the same old thing with more powerful hardware.

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3rd party main selling item on xbox - check.

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Those 12tflops are going to bring the sales. Or will people realize it's just MS again shouting numbers again.

Games Matter, first party matters. That's why PS4 sold and that's why Nintendo sells.

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Companies in the gaming Industry need to stop with the crunching shit.

Bring the game out when it's ready without forcing employees to work 16hour days. It's not Normal. No matter what your earning. The world is so fuking corrupt with greed it pisses me off.

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Looking forward to none of them. AC is just the same thing over and over. Never feel connected to the characters. Worlds are good looking though. They need better characters. But Ubisoft suck balls.

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I just threw up in my own mouth.

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creepy - dead space dark atmosphere. Doom3 tight corridors.

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He is correct.

Nextgen will be coming on ps5.

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Fair review score.

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That twat ex-employee actually works for Microsoft now and is trying to play down PS5 as much as possible.

The PS5 is the better machine will show it is, just like all the other playstations before it.

If any console runs openworlds better it'll be the PS5. It destroys the series x in bandwidth throughput of ssd and memory config. 12lanes of ssd unheard of and still not possible on pc.Not to mention the RDNA3 features Sony hasn't unveiled yet. <...

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Dude you are clueless.

Less cu's at higher clocks is better efficiency. 52cu's will fill less and produce less.

Look at vega56 and 64/ High cu's did not work out well.

Then look at 5700xt.

Also it's not just the SSD, with it's 12lanes that destroy ms's ssd. But it's i/o controllers and custom chips.

Then look at the 1st party titles that SONY Produces. Unmatched on any sy...

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You get better performance with less CU'S at higher clocks.

go look at 5700xt a rdna 1 part @ 2ghz+ lol.

PS5 is a beast.

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The Problem with Battlefield is WW1 and WW2 have been done time and time again. I bought both and played them for quite awhile. But got bored of them much sooner then I expected. They felt more tightly controlled. When i loved the open gameplay of the originals.

I still enjoyed time spent with them, but was always hoping for something more.

I do hope they come back strong on PS5/XBOX/PC for the Nextgen and they MAKE a Modern Combat game with shitloads o...

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PS5 - 4K 60FPS RAYTRACING, HQ Textures. Instant load.

PS4 - 1080p - 30fps NO RAYTRACING. Med Textures. 20-30sec load.

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This really shouldn't be labeled as game tbh, It's a Flight Sim.

Maybe it's fun for some people who want to mess about. This really is for people that just Loves planes and want to practice and fly where ever. It'll sell well on PC though.

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It will look much better then the original.

The first game had some decent motion blur and physics.

But Characters, Textures, shaders, have come along way.

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No just ban anyone caught.

Can't stand cheaters. Scum.

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The game wasn't multithreaded.

Cryengine is a system hog regardless.

Kingdom Deliverance is nothing special and runs like crap on many systems.

The Engine needs a big overhaul imo.

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