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I absolutely loathe Microsoft as a corporation and how they operate. They’re attempting the same practice they did with the PC market and I’m not about that.

Can’t create anything on their own, so spend spend, spend. Anyone who’s actually happy about this that isn’t a Microsoft employee….it makes zero sense.

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Wait, SNES games were garbage? What in the world….the sprite graphics still look fantastic today. That system also had the greatest lineup of rpgs and platformers of all time IMO.

This take is honestly hot garbage Magog.

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This opinion is objectively garbage. Thanks for sharing lol.

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Laughable that Ubisoft thinks they have any right to charge that monthly fee for their products. Massively overpriced. Disgraceful and not surprising from them in the slightest.

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While omicron is indeed less severe, referring to Covid in a general sense as a cold is factually incorrect. My friend lost his brother in law to Covid (48 yrs of age, 2 kids) as well as his uncle. But please….go on.

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Whatever you say buddy. I loved both of those games. To each their own I guess. I didn’t enjoy deathloop either though. So opinions and stuff.

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Why exactly? I played the demo, I thought it was pretty awful honestly. But to each their own.

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Lol. This is legit hilarious. Thank you for this, this morning :)

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It takes 2 is a short coop experience also on PlayStation consoles. Play it once and never touch it again. Psychonauts 2 is decent, no where near as good as Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

Really don’t understand the Xbox hardcore fans. For multiple generations they get nothing but the Forza, Gears & Halo and somehow have the gall to comment on Sony and/or Nintendo’s game releases which trump theirs by massive margins on total releases and the quality of those releases....

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The opinion piece already provided the laughter. Gave me a good laugh as soon as I saw the headline.

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‘Having a blast of year’?

I’m sorry what? Outside of the terrible grammar, how exactly is it a blast of a year? The usual rotation was offered without the gears of war in the mix. Exciting!

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You’re really active in this thread. Really defensive about this game huh?

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Not sure if you just have this sort of personality or not. Hard to tell on the internet, but I was more just poking fun then anything. To be fair, I should have added the sarcasm indicator.

In regards to this game, I couldn’t care less anyway because I think this game is largely an overrated pile of you know what. Bethesda haven’t made a quality game since Oblivion. People arguing over small things on this game….who cares.

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No chance for an update to draw distance then huh?

Enjoyed the chuckle at your posts DarXyde.

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This is the BEST Zelda game, hands down for me.

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This makes me laugh so hard. Thanks for the comical statement. As an Original Zelda fan who’s played all of them since the original NES, BOTW in my opinion is one of the weakest entries into the series. I really don’t understand some of the love that game gets.

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I legit laughed when I saw this headline. Comical that someone genuinely believes this. Oh wait, paid PR that Microsoft pushes HARD. The usual.

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Oh this site…..if anyone actually believes the drivel they write, I’ve got some great ocean front property in North Dakota I’d love to sell you.

This is the same website that somehow believes the Xbox won the first year of release. It’s dead last as usual. For the record.

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lol this guys is so clueless.

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It can? With that terrible remaster and a new GTA game coming once in a decade?

Try to release on a schedule similar to Bond films at the very least.

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