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Just go online and buy it for 360 (free) then it will download on the xbox one, assuming it's backwards compatible. I have been collecting all the games with gold since it started and slowly but surly they are appearing on my xbox one as they become backwards compatible.

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Well I saw it at Gamescom and it looks superb, So I don't care I'll be getting it.

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Pre-ordered an elite. played with one at gamescom and felt superb. Plus I was given a gears of war and a Forza 10 years anniversary d-pad caps.

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Looks like some good deals

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is this same boss that said they couldn't do backward compatibility!

I just think they are keeping everything close to their chest until they have something to say.

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Oh wow, I haven't played it yet, still in it's wrapper. Will try it on my XB1

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Bring on the Cloud compute.....

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Yes, they where playing it live. At one point in the game they stopped and did random things just to prove it was live game play, then he went into a building, then the time shift effects kicked in and it was mind blowing what was happening on screen. I come away thinking I can't wait to play it.

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Not sure how it all fits together. Looking at the gameplay, I would think you could play trough the game and then when you watch the TV series you would go, I recognise this scene. The TV series is also interactive. You can have different outcomes depending on your choices.

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Saw the game running at gamescom, I must say it looks fantastic. I was watching someone play and the number of things going on off the track was amazing, stuff you don't notice when playing. Crowds (3D) waving, jumbos flying by, flocks of birds flying, the sea crashing into rocks and spraying over the road, reminded me of Horizon 2

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saw the demo at gamescom, it is superb, there is also a TV show that runs in parallel, and intertwines with the game. Can't wait for this.

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Having just got back from gamescom and watched it in a booth with 20 others, it is superb, this and quantum break.

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Well said, MS is moving forward. Didn't just build a more powerful 360, and hope people would be happy doing the same over and over again but with nicer pictures.

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I love being all digital, this is a bonus, all my Gears now digital :) When can you start the pre-order on a digital copy?

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I have a 4TB drive fitted, 33% full now. Might need another one soon :)

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What I have also noticed, the 360 games they gave away each moth, as they become available on the xbox one, they start to download, Mass Effect came in over the weekend for me. My HDD collection is growing fast....:)

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Yep, 4TB on my xbox one, 31% used in 90 games, plus my compatible digital 360 games have started downloading. Looking forward to this collection.

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I'm with you, went digital 15 months ago. 85 games on my drive. Switch games instantly and can now stream to my Win 10 PC, perfect when the family are watching TV. 4TB usb drive fitted, so lots of room still free. Never resold any games, so loss of resale wasn't an issue.

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I'll wait for Amazon, as you say Game always over charges

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He would only be hitting it in the rough anyway ;)

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