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I think Rockstar's new strategy is to release a new GTA a year before new consoles come out, then release it again a year later on the next-gen consoles & PC. This way people will buy the game twice.

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I agree, except for the part where you talk about the actual employees putting in hours to barely make ends meet. Game developer salaries tend to be relatively high. I'd bet the average developer at EA/Dice is making over $80k.

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Just play Japanese games if you want more Asians in your games. Problem solved.

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Well hes wrong. You don't kill pokemon, you make them faint. So its part of a faint culture

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Nice, just been sitting at my desk filling up my pokedex around the santa monica pier hehe...

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Pretty embarrassing, glad I got the game working on my PC using GPS spoofing so I don't have to run around with zombies like these people to catch pokemons.

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Wish I invested in Nintendo last week.

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I haven't even seen a single magikarp yet

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Thanks for the heads up.. I won't bother clicking the link

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I got a bulbasaur in the wild, and a squirtle from an egg

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Its a remake of Free Radical's version of SWBF3. Although it was never released officially, the game is out there if you want to download it, although from what I understand its an old build. The maps in this game and gameplay will be based off of the FRD's version. So technically it is a remake.

Many people (myself included) always felt that FRD's SWBF3 looked like it stayed true to the original Battlefront games, unlike DICE's version.

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The name in Chinese implies its just a 'second generation' of Xbox One

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I miss the PS2 days when you had 10-20 people talking in a game (like on SWBF2 and BF2MC). Now people only talk with their friends in party chat, its no fun anymore

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You say that like its a bad thing... they haven't made another Sarges Heroes game in such a long time I will gladly take this. I loved playing Sarges Heroes back when I was a kid.

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Because they're saving them for the next system

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It runs on Android, so its not really going to compete with PS4/XB1

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If you are going to include a Battlefield game, it should have been BF2 in my opinion

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This may be great for the industry, but not great for gamers. Just like the movie industry, I can picture the games industry 'self censoring' itself in order to prevent their games from being banned in China (ie, no games that criticize the govt.), that way they can still rake in the China $$$.

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