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Alien isolation is so great now.....exept being totally freaked out ALL the time :-)

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So your "maybe" buying it is based on actual gameplay. But a cool looking CG tralier is convincing you?

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Up to 2x times... Is not impressive. Both Xbox and ps5 should brute force 60 fps locked in these games.

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wonder if the X gets delayed as well?

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A Hulk game would need destruction....

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How about Star Citizen Scorpio exclusivity?

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Is this ONLY multiplayer?

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Attention to detail is god tier

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the look very bad. Cartoony.

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it's right analog stick vs a mouse that is the problem! Comparing that to extra buttons or surround sound is ridiculous.
This user of xim4 mentions a 9/10 M/K feel on console. Take a look:

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I wish Sony could do something about this instead of the individual developer. But if Blizzard makes a stand maybe others will follow. There are quite a lot Youtube videos with Xim4 players shredding their oponents and still claiming they don't have an advantage.

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No, thank the Gods at ID

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It's funny how offensive a man predicting the video game future can be to some...

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Star Citizen - Scorpio! I called it :-)

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well the multiplayer on console (ps4) ran at very bad fps and was unplayable at times. And matches always ended up with one team getting thrashed to pieces. Singleplayer coop was pretty funny with a friend but very simple. The characters are awesome and the best part of the game. Game should have been 3rd person.

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I think it's an unsolvable mystery to create a myth and relevans for the years to come. Rockstars arrogance (entitled gamer) baffles me a bit. Why not confirm or debunk that there is a mystery to be solved in the first place?!

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probably existing owners wanting to free up some space :-)

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Ok ok, now please port Sunset Overdrive to ps4

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I find it worrying that there are 0 gameplay videos this late in development.

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it would run 10 fps max

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