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Could you actually go into detail about how The Division represents everything wrong with the industry?

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Is Apex Legends really sub par? Is Overwatch a GaaS game? Is Counter Strike GO? When have I been exploited by Apex Legends?

You guys want to complain about exploitative games, why aren't any of you complaining about Maple story?

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He said "full console" the Sega CD was an add on. Also in what universe does equate to mainstream game journos?

It's really funny seeing people looking for things to "umm actually" at.

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Got a game idea that actually isn't that great on its own? Slap some anime titties on it, and someone will buy it. You lonely sad people are being manipulated, you'd never even give this a second look but add some nudity and wow.

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After CD3? Not a chance, the well has been poisoned.

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Proliferation of social media has a huge impact on that, far more than EA. Twitter, iPhones, Android, Reddit etc etc either didn't exist or barely resembled what they are today when the 360/PS3 launched. The anger and distrust is fueled entirely by a community that WANTS to be angry and distrustful.

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@The Wood

Giantbomb does not get paid for reviews. I've been on that site for over 10 years now, and they have been more than transparent with the audience about things that they weren't comfortable with. Jeff, Brad and Vinny are beyond reproach when it comes to this. It's utter nonsense to even insinuate it.

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Oh bloody stop, it's been pointed out that it's not a shader. Own your mistakes, instead of arguing about semantics.

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We...agree? What a day to be alive.

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So you find one article, and some comments and suddenly that means everyone here had that mentality? How does that even work!? Seriously, because I'm sick and tired of this, some people saying something doesn't mean that other people feel the same way. Only on this god forsaken stupid site, could someone twist something that bloody far.

Second, the notion that you don't know how to copy a link really makes me wonder if you have any business here at all. First yo...

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Who decides, who or what a casual is? All of your examples reek of simple gatekeeping and have no real basis in reality. So let's look at your comment history here, and ohhhh you've got an axe to grind. So surprising!

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You uhhh, really take this seriously huh.

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Welcome to N4G.

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Guess you forgot about Freesync, and hairworks works with AMD GPU just like TressFX worked with Nvidia GPU they simply suffer performance wise when you aren't using the brand appropriate GPU.

The Nvidia cards justify their prices by AMD being unable to even compete. The Radeon VII barely touched the 2080 for the same price while generating more heat and using more power. But you know, it's just that greedy Nvidia, I remember when they ran a charity and not a busine...

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Sony has won this generation, you haven't won anything. There's nothing wrong with having a preference, but acting like you have a personal stake in these things is where everything falls apart. Everything you listed, sports, vehicle brands, soda brands, all of those things have people who do defend their preference that doesn't make the behaviour any less cringey or sad.

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Couldn't have said it better, this place gets incredibly boring when everyone is so polarized about insignificant nothing's.

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Difference being that the online was entirely over Squares servers (there was no PSN). It's why the 360 version had crossplay with the PS2 and PC version, or how the BC PS3's allowed it to connect.

That's not Sony doing crossplay.

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Awww muffin, I really got to you it must be so hard taking yourself so seriously. Try not to let this get to you, blood pressure can be an issue later in life.

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Do you provide entertainment for people?

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Who dictates the value of things to people personally?

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