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more pointless vidoes. the game launches next month and we still havent got a gameplay trailer. i dont want now walk in the park trailer either. i want a trailer showing gameplay. a mix of side quest and main story. how the gunplay looking, how the cops react to you, how smart they are, how smart citizens are, you have weather what role it plays. we only seen the gameplay trailer from the summer and first reveal, and this dumb ps4 that hardly show anything.

something like thi...

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and now every loves unreal engine. this is going to be the reason people is not going to downplaying the unreal engine anymore on this site(we all know why). bookmark this page lol.

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How dear u disrespect Sony god godda. They are perfect and have no faults. FLAWLESS. Sony smite him. Smite HIM. SMITE HIM.

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PS fans Dont like PC games keep that trash on pc

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Shut up and launch maxwell. It like the waiting for amd to catch up. For the last couple of yrs they been announcing new tech but Dont launch it. They just announced Pascal that 5x or more powerful than GPUs now and tech they codeveloped with Intel to get rid of bottlenecks.

So it either their waiting for Intel new CPU to fully utilize this tech or they're working with amd . Anyway release maxwell and shield 2 already.

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I have a feeling the witcher 3 will have more reasonable requirements than these bs announcements. Its going to be just like last gen with lazy ports until tech on PC completely leave consoles in the dust. So at most 2 yrs of this bs. Bad thing is my hardware is significantly better than these requirements. In 2yrs high end PC of today will be low mid.

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LMAO try again. Never heard some say that, especially since PC gamers know you can play games on weaker machines by lowering settings. On the other hand PS fanboys say you can play their games on any platforms. Even when you say you could run on ps3 by lowering the settings. They still won'thear it.

I think your talking about kingdom come ( i think ththat's the name) , it is going to be on ps4 and xbone, but their focus is PC. So Dont expect it to be on the same scale...

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I believe they rushed to, but bf4 is on a different scale not only is it 60fps, the stuff in infamous Dont even compare. Destruction, physics, player interactions, and effects definitely goes to bf4. You can even drive in infamous . Particle effects looks great when drain neon for power but underwhelming during explosions like other games do. The old misdirection. People that say a game has amazing particle effects, usually mean everywhere like crysis, metro, just cause, etc. Its stuff that ...

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Gotta love PC

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Yea this guy need to seriously focus on this game instead of worrying about different platforms. Its on of the reason that I didn't buy the game yet because how far behind my friends told me the game is.

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Can we get a preview already this game came back from the grave with no preview, the game coming out next month and I barely remember how it plays, hardly notice gameplay changes or interactions in they lame trailers. They showed a trailer of touring around town, seriously learn from rock star about how to make a trailer of an open world game. And all we hear or see is from ps4 version and they're even vague about showing that off.

Was going to buy day one but its getting...

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I'm more interested in star citizen for OR. And he is right I could see a lot of people not wanting to put this goofy headset on.

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I wish they would launch the maxwell series so we can move on to Pascal GPU. I feel like their slowing down just for amd can catch up. That's when imma upgrade my rig til then I'm just gonna buy the shield 2 when it drop

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Yea a lot of MMOs, even do grinding wrong. It becomes tedious and not fun. A game with good grinding has to make me forget I'm grinding, and dont give you a ton of useless loot. I'm looking at you borderlands. PS2 got better with the grinding before it was too much. It felt like was getting nowhere before.

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Sounds good to me. Surprised people are not hyped for this. I guess because the haven't mentioned resolution or frame rate lol. Well I can't wait day one buy. The truly captured the feel of the alien movies

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Didn't this start off as a kick starter . How u start off as a guarantee PC vers and less platform, then now the worst version.

Never mind was thinking about another game on kick starter.

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Yeah that's the funny thing they can sell millions but they online stick to handheld. Out of all they consoles they never made a 3d Pokémon game. ninty is weird how they operate.

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N64 one is better

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What common sense. We Dont like your kind around here.

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Lol second coming, like PS fanboys do to every PS exclusive, or news about PS. Y'all sure do contradict y'all selves every time. Ill wait n see when it comes to ms, and I'm glad they have new management. But the second is hilarious come from a PS fanboy that does the same thing. Couldn't we say the same thing about infamous, beyond two souls, I could keep going.

Anyway ms need to invest in studios and start focusing on real exclusives. No body is going to bu...

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