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What bugs have u dealt with theres truly Hardly any to no game breaking

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Listen im all for side quest but trust me ff16s are the worst i ever seen lord to even compare to witcher 3 is laughable. 90 percent off sidequest in ff16 turn clive into door dash period skip em trust me all accept ones with plus sign on em they actually move parts story forward, still awfull side quest but

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Xbox has to launch though just announcinh a game for it to be poop and or delayed a year doesnt exactly mean much anymore

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Yall silly ash we never get more then 2 3 4 triple a first party games in a year and its no different here, just more gloom and doom smh on the industry leader, dk what to tell ya other then its same sony as it was 2 decades ago

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Looks really bad

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It was bad

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Nope framework is horrible best thing to do is firget they launched it and move on fast

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Chrono will be one to watch

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Yall are not suggesting that this is in anyway a good thing? Omg first games should not be 70 on switch period nomatter what it is, second this is just a scummy way to get you to spend 100 instead of 70 smh

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Its ok its a massive failure these lying reviews wont help

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Uh said noone ever

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Nope but they just took over it

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Saints has never been a great game so theres that

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No worse then some that other trash u play im sure, they switch devs to gearbox if anything gearbox can turn it around

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How fps or pacing is so horrible on ps5 i cant play it or enjoy it

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Noones enjoyimg this there forcing themselves to play because they want it to be good bit its so bad everyone has to feel and see that thats playing, trust me i tried to play god i tried

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Its deserved just go watch skill up review he points out the many many many shameful things wrong here

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Just go watch skill ups review, u shouldn't even waste ssd space for this abomination, its literally one of the worst games in a loooong time, he plays it on video points out all the wrong and omg is it bad, ive also played it for 2 hours deleted will never touch again

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Prey was a terrible game to me as well, actually all of arkanes games

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Terrible way to miss out on lots great games esp today, make ur own reviews

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