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Its going to own november.. LBP will own Oct..

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I mean its cool for about one lap than your just like ok.. Tricks and Ahhhh what place im i in.. You dont even care if your racing or win the race.. the tricks are pretty lame to after awhile..

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if you enjoyed this demo you really really like crappy a$$ games.. Well most 360 games are like this.. Cheesy voice acting, dumb story/plot, with unreal looking graphics and textures..

This game was horrible.. The actual game play was horrible... Everything about the demo was hoorible..

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I mean 5 vs 5 can be fun.. But its always better when you have options to play 12, 18, or 32 player matches too.. Keeps things fresh.. COD4 has a 3 on 3 match and that crap gets boring fast.. Gears 2 should have at least tried for 6 vs 6..

5 vs 5 wont really keep you playing this game for very long. it will get boring pretty fast..

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LPB will smash this

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the gameplay and graphics in motorstorm 1 and 2 crap all over pure..

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your a f'ing dumba$$.. A huge dumba$$..

Pure is just to plain for me.. The only variety is the tricks other than that the game is boring as hell.. With motorstorm every lap and race is different.. Also you have way more crap going on in the screen than you do in the whole game of pure..

Motorstorm for the win.. By miles and miles..

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if you havent played the demo on the ps3 yet just watch this..

Crappy quailty but it still shows that the ps3 version looks way better than what eurogamer is making it out to be in there video..

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And the 360 version on my samsung 1080p tv.. I downloaded the demo last night on my ps3 and i can say it looks no where near what they are showing in this video.. I can record a video and post it to prove what im saying.. This just shows you how the media likes to twist stuff.. Eurogamer is a bunch of xbox homo lovers.. This video proves it.. Ps3 version looks just like the 360 one bottom line.. And the game sucks and comes no where close to motorstorm 1 or 2..

I have no clue ...

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You know you would be laughing at it saying damn thats ugly

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this game doesnt look anywhere close to motorstorm 1.. Theres so much going on in motorstorm compared to this game.. You dont see wrenks of havoc miles in front of you in pure.. People go play motorstorm 1 again and believe me you will be like pure looks like dog a$$ compared to this.. Motorstorm 1 still blows me away. Especially when cars are flying over you blowing up..

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Pure feels like a PSN game that should be worth 30 to 40 bucks.. Its fun in all but it just seems like one of those games your get bored with really quick.. Its definitely not worth 60 bucks... I played it a bit last night thinking it was burnout because the guy talking.. I dont see myself having a fun time with this game.. Just way to dull.. the racing aspect of the game is horrible to. The tricks are pretty cool but thats about it..

I honestly dont see why people are blowin...

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is there street bikes in the game?

Anyway im buying this for sure

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I remember someone saying this is going to change gaming and be the game of the year.. I think little big planet took all the hype and glory away from this game.. LBP looks about 100 times better and way more fun..

I mean watch the video review.. the game looks pretty dang underwhelming and boring..

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Looks like one of those games you play for about a day or 2 than turns into a dust collector..

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Best game this year.. Resistance 2, gears 2, and LBP cant touch this..

Wink wink..

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Back in JUNE people.. Remember Motorstorm 2 didnt get a lot of respect when it was first shown because of the build they showed off.. It was way too early.. But once they showed it off again a few weeks later it blew everyone away..

Believe me this guy wont be writing a article like this after seen motorstorm 2 now..

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