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I appreciate that unanimous praise can feel frustrating; no game is perfect and so when 10/10's get handed out you know that's not really a true score. There will still be bugs, and flaws etc.

But honestly I think this list is scraping the barrel. I won't go through everything in this article, but no.1 on the list is that the lore is impenetrable. As a newcomer to the series I agree that the lore is dense.

Which is cool, and kind of the point. I&...

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They've stated that if it's a singleplayer mod they have absolutely no problem with it what so ever. Reports of people being banned was simply a case of mods and gta V updates becoming incompatible and breaking the game. They went on to praise the GTAIV mods, and said they want to see the same thing with GTA V.

MP mods may be different though.

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I think you're conflating 'aesthetically pleasing' with art. The examples you mention look nice, and some like rayman are brilliant, but it does not qualify them as more artistic than other non-ubisoft games. In fact, to me games are just art. End of. No need to 'drive' it forward. If other people don't think my past time is artistic and worthwhile that's their problem. Ill just get to enjoy games like papers please, or bioshock infinite, or any other of the many e...

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Personally I'd just rather a port of halo MC collection for the PC. The first halo worked really well on PC, and I'd like to give the (many) sequels a go.

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David Attenborough's documentaries, Top Gear, Blackadder, Orphan Black, Luther, The Fall, The Office, Sherlock, Life on Mars, Monty Python, Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers...

Personally I don't agree with the TV license system either, but I also disagree with the assertion that the BBC is inherently 'crap'. I would really recommend the Fall and Luther to anyone interested in crime dramas because I think they're some of the best shows in the genre. On top of thos...

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A most terrible disease.

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I wouldn't call most of these apologies 'heartfelt'. Ubisoft knew damn well unity was broken and thats evident in their review policy.

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As awesome as the topic is, was the author drunk when writing this?

"If GTA 5 wants the most beautiful game, one thing is certain, it always the lack of AMY mod to sublimate the plastic"

Other than that, it's a pretty cool list and the crazy ass writing tapers off so it is at least readable.

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As far as I'm concerned it's a game. As in a piece of art or consumable media or whatever you want to call it. And art and media are often violent, and they often find new ways to immerse you in that violence. Whether it's long agonizing shots of explicit violence, or found footage, movies love making you FEEL the content they're presenting. At the end of the day it's there to provoke a response, and this is exactly what GTA V is doing. It's art as art has always been....

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Jesus Christ they can keep trying but they'll only hurt themselves.

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Truly awesome game. Great atmosphere, scary as hell, fun to play and perfectly brutal. Would love to see a sequel (that actually fucking hits pc this time), especially since monolith have gotten back on the horse after making Middle Earth.

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They never made the same kind of leap like they did with far cry and crysis. All of their releases afterwards seemed to rely on incremental updates focusing as much on performance as anything else. Still I'd say graphics are all that they actually know.

They just need to get their shit together and make a good game. They have every single part of a game nailed except for the damn gameplay! They're gonna have to eventually stumble on something that's more interesti...

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Well said.

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It's a bit of a harsh review. I liked the game but I did find it unbearably repetitive. If you can get past a linear structure you'll find the spell system quite worth it. I'd say more of a 6 or a 7 out of 10.

Still, if the devs have any sense they'll take their spell system, touch it up a little, and put in an open world for a sequel.

And for the love of God they should drop that stupid lichdom part of the name.

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This reminds of playing GTA V. I break into the airport and kill dozens of guards, steal a plane and hit a bird mid flight (burst out laughing IRL), land the plane randomly before sitting on a billboard where I shoot random drivers through their windscreens while also cackling out loud as they crash their cars. I steal one of the cars and drive away like a maniac, hitting three people as I do so.

But when I run over a dog after swerving desperately to avoid it? Then I feel l...

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This is interesting, but not totally mind boggling either. If I'm on the edge of buying a game I'll often just wait, the risk is reduced if the game is cheaper i.e. if it sucks, or doesn't work/run well then it's not such a big tragedy.

What I do find mindboggling is that in a world where games have overtaken movies and literature as the leading entertainment industry in the world, where steam and gta V can rake in over a billion dollars a year, why is it cons...

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Eurgh. So apparently a game that offers less is acceptable because it nails some things well. Arguments like this take a bit of a straw man approach. Yes lots of people hate EA, and sometimes the momentum of that hate means that it's hard to tell with games like the Sims or Battlefield. But ultimately there are some legitimate concerns voiced by both consumers and critics and belittling those concerns into nothing but "EA hate" leaves you looking like an arse.


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It's good but resource heavy. The fps cap is a pain but can be fixed quite easily if anyone's curious.


Also mouse acceleration when aiming is a pain. Furthermore if you're suffering from frequent crashes throughout the game it might be due to a problem with nvidia drivers. I rolled back to ...

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This reminds me of the issues you see with closed captions. While it's much harder to make a game for the blind (there are so many different disorders that result in so many different forms of blindness such as a loss of central or peripheral vision) it's much easier to put closed captions in a game. Valve are the supreme example of good closed captioning in their games, but it's amazing how even now you can still find games that don't even have the options for subtitles! So f...

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I don't think I'll ever un-see that now.

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