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Bananaaaaa !!!!!

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And they’re trying through King because their own Windows Phone idea died. And like why did it die? Apple/iOS and everyone else/Android we’re just too popular?

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Like putting their fingers into everything without the proper hands to manage them. They should do what they’re best at, PowerPoint Presentations.

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Video adds? Am I missing something. I use safari and Adblock Plus. No issues with ads. Unless y’all are talking about something else?

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Flawlessmic gets it. 🤟

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That and reducing the resolution of the characters to stick figures.

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When Sony does what? Strike the best offer. Clearly if Microsoft has the money then Microsoft’s offer must be the best. Maybe all they offered was day 1 on GamePass and SquareEnix FYou and your series S holding this back.

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It played better this morning than my first two sit downs. Actually cleared out a nest. Complaints is how unalive and unmotivating the quests are. There’s just there. Sides quests too. 60fps should be a thing. And what’s the point of it being co-op at? Unless you really want to help friends get to where you are or something. It should just be cross progression. I’ll try it though here soon. There’s so much potential in the game if it can just come alive.

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PlayStation primary dude here. Definitely going to give this a go.

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Okay, so add it to your library before it disappears. If you still choose to not get it that’s all on you.

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Sucks but I wonder if they can fix this by dropping the Series S requirement and have it run it via cloud gaming. Much like Nintendo/CoD potentially?

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Another thing I’ve noticed and I think it’s the beauty of the SSD and Wi-Fi 6 support is how fast games download especially on a wired connection. It’s superior compared to there Series XIS

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I know why you forgot to put /s at the end to indicate that your original post was sarcasm. Knowing full well that PCs should just be for MMOs.

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If anything it’ll force Sony to do something there own which in the end is probably the best to have a new IP by force of hand.

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Screen rant is all you need to know before reading this article.

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And Forspoken console exclusive (2 years). Even though the reviews don’t give it justice it’s still a pretty decent game. Rare opinion here I’m sure lol.

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And 58% Don’t?

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I just wish it was twin years in the future so all of this can be over already. So much better gaming conversation can be had without this juggernaut always taking up space.

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Didn’t they have 18b? What did they do with the 13b?

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