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MS did a smart thing. Although I don’t trust them I think they are in a position where they have an opportunity to make great games.
Imo Sony has the quality & are on a level of their own. I trust them to continue in providing it as well as an amazing next-gen experience (Software & Hardware).
Hopefully MS will follow & create competition which will benefit gaming & not go the GaaS route.
We’ll just have to wait & see how things unfold.

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As much as I trust Sony to deliver the right kind of gaming experiences I expect, I don't like the price increase. Unfortunately there is the inflation factor. But at the same time many tools that used to cost a lot to make games have drastically gone down over the years. Many tools are more accessible & many help create faster results than before. Also keep in mind the market potential these days is in the hundreds of millions & increasing, digital also facilitates that & cos...

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I can’t wait to get my PS5.

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Here’s why: PS5.
Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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Ok wow!

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"Now it’s time to blow this f**ker daoown!"

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No it doesn’t.
A masterpiece is owed a proper remake or remaster. This is not it.

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About time!
Now no open world, challenging puzzles, no MTs, no MP & I’m in.

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I trust CDPR for everything they’ve done so far.
I understand why they’d need to add them in the MP but imo MTs even cosmetic cheapen the experience.

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What it is definitely going to be is in my library as soon as it releases.

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And the main theme music!

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Great & thank you for your contributions.
Will be waiting for the rest.
May I suggest adding (Part x) in the title.

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“ So over the next few weeks, the P2 team will be listing these games...”

Happy to see there’s more than 3 games. Haven’t played Yakuza 0 but I agree with Rocket League & HZD.
Though would’ve been nice to get them all in 1 article, I’m waiting to see the rest.

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Done. Send it please.

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Game title should be changed to COD: No Backbone Ops
Fuck dictatorship of thought & expression.

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One of my most anticipated next-gen games.
Love the universe, the characters, the humour, the story, the weapons!
Can’t wait!

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Nice trailer but where’s the gameplay?
At this point I’m worried for Rocksteady. After all this time they still need almost 2 years until release & haven’t shown gameplay, not good.
Please show gameplay.

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I have absolutely no doubt PS5 is about to deliver something truly remarkable in terms of gameplay experience.

Buckle up gamers, we’re in for an amazing ride.
I can’t wait to get my hands on that controller, I can’t wait to experience the next leap, I can’t wait to see what PS5 is about to make me discover, I can’t wait to suspend my disbelief & wander in wonders.

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