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why cant EA just focus on putting their budget into quality games instead of trying to buy everybody.

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Well if you factor in there's only about 17-18 million blu-ray players including PS3s, and I don't know, over 250+ million DVD players in the U.S. Obviously DVD are going to have more sales. It doesn't take a half brained mice to understand that.

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I'm personally waiting for the Nurburgring track or Infineon Raceway (my home course in real life)

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Some of you guys are obviously super young gamers.

But man, Nintendo's got me interested with this game.

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I'm dumbfounded on how they can keep everything so meticulously detailed and yet run at such a smooth frame rate.

Also the photo mode says it takes the pictures at whatever resolution it's being displayed. So imagine those super high quality 1080p screen shots all in motion on a 1080p TV.

Only haters who will never ever see this game in person, will say they don't see anything special in the graphics.

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"he said about the fact that both games would be launching on the same day, November 7."

Isn't Resistance 2 coming out on November 4th and Gears 2 on November 7th?

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"Gabe Newell. Now THAT is a Sony hater. "

Yeah but even that guy is "re-evaluating" his stance on the PS3.

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Same here. It's one of those weird games where I see myself just playing for hours almost without purpose.

However, the main reason I want this game is so my niece and nephew could watch. They are amazed by animals and nature shows, so this one is a definite buy for my family.

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Actually I always perceived the genesis has having better graphics than the SNES. Then again, I was a kid so I probably couldn't tell. I was dreaming of having a Genesis. Especially for Mortal Kombat, it was closer to the arcade version with real blood and guts not like the silly SNES version.

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Anybody else tired of hearing "Next Generation Consoles" when it should just be "Current Generation?"

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xm512e. It's quite obvious at this point that you don't like playstation branded games. So why not save the hassle and just sell the PS3 and enjoy you're xbox? Not everybody's going to like playstation, and vice versa.

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I'll pass on this one. I had a black DS Lite and got pretty bored with it.

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Kewlkat I know what you mean. For example I also think Cliffy is a douche bag and a half. But I love Gears of war and most likely I'm going to love Gears 2.

However, that still doesn't mean that Ted Price doesn't get my respect. This isn't even anything to do with developer politics, but Ted Price has shown time and time again he's not like some of the other developers. And that kind of attitude especially from the president/c.e.o. of a company could reflect on the product.

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I can tell you're a true owner of both consoles. Not like those fanboys who claim to have both but don't know jack squat about the other console.

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"All sony did was find a lot of things with big numbers and put them all in one box. "

If that's the case, then we should only get PS2.5 graphics. And tell me why does the PS3 is even capable of equal or better graphics as the 360 if it's so inferior?

Why is the PS3 able to do Wipeout HD, GT5 Prologue, Ratchet FTOD, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, so and so forth if the hardware is just a bunch of random numbers stuffed into a box?

It's already amaz...

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"What's the point in arguing with you... you're so damn stubborn and tied up with your fanboyism that any attempt of persuading a change in your perspective would be futile."

POG's probably already put you on his ignore list. That's how he goes day to day living his in own dream world. Anybody who says something he doesn't like, he'll just put you on ignore.

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Meh, just another person fronting like they even own the console.

LittleBigPoser is what you are.

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I've been replaying the 360 version, and is starting to see why people like it so much.

One thing you need to keep in mind when you play, is don't play it like other shooters. You could just take your time and look around, or else you'll miss the purpose of the game.

When I originally played it when it first came out, I didn't like it at all. It felt boring, and of course seemed overhype.

But the more I give into it, the better it gets.

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I don't think anybody's going to mistake those 8 bit graphics for a real person with psychiatric problems

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