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I love how games journalists are going to bat for AC shadows when they had the same complaints for Ghost of tsushima...

Jade king from the gamer..

"Assassin's Creed Doesn't Care About Historical Accuracy, And Neither Should You"

And her talking about Ghost of tsushima PS5

"Taking liberties with Japanese history only to tell a story from a firmly Western perspective was one of the game’s biggest ...

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Everyone port begs here...

Nintendo fans port begged for years to get persona 5. Xbox fans portbegged for Helldivers 2 and rebirth recently.

Even Phil Spencer got in on the Helldivers 2 exclusivity whining...

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Maybe they mean compared to the more action based RE4 remake? I think it will be like RE2R in pace.

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People creating an account from another country are breaking terms of service and only credit cards from the country chosen on the account work that you have to find a that's how good playstation is for people to go through all that trouble. 😉

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The modders saved me with a english version of Valkyria Chronicles 3 as well.

You don't need modders to pirate tsushima if you're in one of the affected countries so it's easier to get so there should be no need to hate raid the game.

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They changed the formula for RE4 and RE7. People still loved those. I personally don't prefer the first person RE games but they are still good and i want the developers to make the game they want to make.

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At least i learned something funny from the controversy.

That PSN is only available in 73 countries out of 193...and is still dominating. 😁

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Yeah everyone pirated mother 3 and i pirated valkyria chronicles 3 because it didn't come to other regions...was there or are there currently unhinged review bombing of the other released regions versions?

We review bombing japanese games that don't release day one worldwide?

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Even if it's Sony's fault who cares? Everyone pleads Nintendo to release Mother 3 in the US but never review bombs the japanese version.

They don't release the games in those regions so they don't get the sales. That's usually the end of it for games that don't come to other regions...but it's Sony now so they want to make it a bigger deal than it is.

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Wasn't Cruise seen as a samurai by Ken and the rest of the samurai at the end of the movie? His last interaction with the emperor kinda cemented his character as a samurai as well.

Maybe he wasn't meant to be historically but he is in the movie.

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From what i remember the 2 open world hubs only have 1 story mission each. The gun missons. Most of the open world sections are for side missions, upgrades, cans,costumes, etc. Still fun to run around and discover some wierd puzzles there.

I feel like there are some fps dips but not all over the place.

And for people who don't do enough of the side missions...know that you will be locked out of a section of the game if you don't do enough. Fill ...

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People brand it as a white savior movie. Both those movies star white actors in movies set in asian countries.

And i never said Last Samurai is is amazing. But the people who pass it off as a white savior movie won't make the same complaints if the foreigner in question isn't white.

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Is this the first AC to have a foreigner to the game location as a main character?

Maybe Ubi did this to avoid the culture appropriation heat ghost of tsushima got?

This will probably still be the AC i want to pick up in years though. Syndicate was mynlast one.

Either way it will be funny to see people who condem the last samurai or the great wall defend this vehemently.

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No way can they get rid of the hardware as probably 90% of game pass subscribers are hardware users.

Highly doubtful those users will move to PC or Cloud to subscribe there and the competition (Sony and Nin) will never have gamepass on their system.

If they want to keep the current subscribers, they need to keep releasing new hardware.

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My memory is that playstation started it with the instant game collection which is pretty much what the Monthly games on PS essential is now.

PS now was cloud only and on demand (pay for by hour or day) with no subscription.

MS did the games with gold and gamepass as an awnser to the instant
game collection.

Then PSNow changed to subscription and native downloads(not cloud) like gamepass.

I'm of the min...

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Why are you repeating what i said?

You will not be able to buy digital 360 games to play on your 360.

You will still be able to buy 360 games on Xbone and Series consoles. Go to, that's the old browser store and not the new one.

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The xbox360 store is closing on the xbox 360.

Xbox 360 games are unaffected on the xbox one and series consoles.

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Just wondering if you don't consider Pokemon, Smash ultimate or Metroid Dread first party because Nintendo doesn't own the studios that made those games...

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Bro it's no use. People are on Ultra Instinct levels of cope/delusion/brain rot here trying to downvote any claim that there are exclusive games on PS5 because they are not first party.

By this new logic pokemon, metroid dread, Bloodbourne, quantum break, smash bros ultimate aren't "exclusive" because the studios aren't first party... just so they can say playstation has no games.

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Pretty sure they have that covered every year with 3rd party deals. AAA like Rebirth, XVI, and AA like Sifu, Kena, Stray,etc..

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