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Vita games are not affected and the Vita system itself still isn't vulnerable. Sony did not abandon the Vita because people can run PSP games and emulators on it, are you mad?

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The highest level is 30.

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Those games cost a lot of money to make. Being able to get another shot at throwing them into people's faces and earn money from them is important for a publisher like Ubisoft, which makes games for all platforms.

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Make lazy [insert generic thing here] reacts to [popular thing here] = AD BUX

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You're going to blame this all on the Monster Hunter crap? Haha. The problems lie way deeper than that.

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The disagreements are because N4G.

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- The 15 in the logo will be purple this time around.
- Everything else will be the same.

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It cannot possibly be worse than Sonic 2006. There is just no way. This person is being hyperbolic.

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Not the first Uncharted game to do this.

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I wish this site would just ban articles that are numbered lists. This is so fucking bad.

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On the Europe side, Uncharted and Gravity Rush have been on offer for more than a year. Hopefully those slots will be filled with something good.

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Welcome to N4G.

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Wow, what a dumb thing to complain about.

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Stopped reading at "VGChartz".

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I know a person who is still somehow hyped about Agent despite the total blackout of information since it getting announced.

That person is crazy, of course.

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Brings it back? Was it ever gone?

Please stop writing such terrible headlines.

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Not officially announced, no.

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And what if they were to admit it? Do you seriously think they would change the characters? Haha, nope. Too much time and money already sunk into concept art, prototyping and animations.

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Capcom doesn't listen to fans.

Don't you remember how they've mishandled their key franchises over the years now?

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This isn't aimed at you but rather the enthusiast crowd that is very willing to fork over this sort of cash for the opportunity to tinker a little bit with fancy hardware.

It's purely for that purpose. This will never be supported by any notable games.

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