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It is real, the servers have been hacked, just look around on the net, I myself have wound up in a few servers like this.

If you don't believe the video you can go check out the guys online theater and watch the match yourself.

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The textures in the main cities really need an overhaul, out and about everything looks fine but inside the towns where you are up close to a lot of the really really low res textures, it just looks bad.

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He means both endings for carmine are actually featured in the developer build version, however only one of those will be in the final version so know one will know until its released. So basically they just take one of the cut scenes out.

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You can still unlock the character in game by playing the campaign. This facebook thing just means you get the character for MP straight away.

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Yeah kinda destroys the point of paying when 5 minutes after each episode goes on the net they will most likely be plastered all over youtube.

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Eh? There has been an English version of the book available for some time now.


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I bought it some time after release when it went into the bargain bin and it was honestly, to my own surprise, one of my favourite games of 2010.

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I can honestly say I didn't laugh once watching that video, all the jokes felt way to forced.

Anyway why would anyone pay for stuff that other developers give them for free?

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There is nothing wrong with the english in the sentence.

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What about it? Games like gears of war get through in Australia with an MA 15+ rating which technically allows "minors"(perhaps the wording could have be better in the article there, but a minor in Australia is someone under the age of 16)to buy the game, simply because we have no rating to classify the game as 17/18+ only,

whereas the same game in America can only be bought by 17+ or in the UK at 18+ and is illegal for "minors" to buy.

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WetNoodle, if you have patch 1.1 installed then you should be able to install the game as many times as you feel like as the patch removed DRM from the retail version. CDProject stated the DRM was only there so people who bought the game could play it before the pirates, once it served its purpose they removed it.

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What price gouging? You can buy the game at the same price offered to Europeans or Americans.

In the Australian version there are already 2 other sex scenes in the game that are not censored in any way. Just one quest has a reward as sex and that is the only thing that has been changed, which doesn't justify you pirating the game.

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Steam version doesn't come with any DRM besides steam itself. Only retail copies have Securom.

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Its made by the same people as the ones who made WFC.

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The magic shield stops you from regenerating vigor(mana) which is also needed to be able to block with your sword so not useful to keep it on all the time but definitely for this boss.

The boss isn't difficult either its just a "Learn the pattern, Remember the pattern" boss. Boss like that obviously require a little trial and error.

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I believe you have to get a 4 of a kind or something similar in one roll

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all of space spheres chat.

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There are 16 different endings, perhaps they got one they didn't like?

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"Kevin Stevens, senior threat researcher at the security firm Trend Micro, was one of several experts who told The New York Times that he had seen talk of the hacked database on several hacker forums."

So I guess I would trust Trend Micro a bit better then some naysayers.

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Its been confirmed by Epic that anyone that doesn't have a code attached to their live account but is still playing the game is getting banned permanently from the Beta AND Retail versions of Multiplayer.

So I wouldnt suggest that USB method.

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