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You mean PC right lol

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Oh man them "Cyber Bully's" you better run!

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This has been released on pc years ago ALL games is a higher res look better man. This is why you buy a PC if you care about graphics

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I run a 1080ti on 1440p and get a decent framerate I dont kno what garb pc these streamers have but I have no problems.

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Well i've heard that the culture at Rockstar is great and they they have profit sharing on game's so im sure these 100 hr work weeks will be worth it for them!

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Korea is exempt and tariffs apply to Steel, if they raise prices they they are just using it as an excuse!

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I mean Pepsi could be in lets say the Witcher 3 if they medieval styled the drink mugs ect

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FYI steam takes 30% of all money from the game sales on Steam!

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Well my ti will be fine then

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So these system requirements are pretty much the same as OG

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Amazon is buying it right?

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This make me hope even more that gamestop goes out of business.... the studios work hard to keep thier games hidden and gamestop leaks it by accident....

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Tecnically Fortnite was announced years ago so could pubg be copying them? Around 2014 I think

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='( sad its not on pc.....

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I don't mind thier are women just dont claim it historically accurate thats all. I love that there are women, better to look at ingame anyway!

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Please do this make MA game 21 I would love to not have squeaker's on any games I play PLZ!

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Do it would love to support my developers more

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60 hours in on my 4k display and have had one but that was fixed with TCL command I think people are just hating on this game because their crap pc cannot play .I play 4k and 144 hrtz is just not possible at the moment
They don't even make a 144 make 4k monitor

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Who cares if she was Cyber bullied she could of just ignored them. They are just words on a page.

As to her health condition that is a sad story but suicide is never then answer that's the easy way out. Every one is following the way of Robin Williams.

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