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lol at that price, i was waiting for the ps4 version and assumed it would be around £10. Wont pay more than that for it.

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They can't invade whilst your on a mission

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my son does this for games he hasnt finished. Drives me mad as i get it if your stuck and need a hint, but just watching for the sake of watching seems odd to me as youd see spoilers and stuff

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anyone know if this is getting a western release?

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hmm why the disagree, bloody fanboys

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Not compatible with my playstation certified sony xpiria play...great job sony

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if you are both logged into your friends ps4 then from what i understand of how the account system and remote play works i think you could do it over wifi.

Or if your both in the same room then yea as Langkasuka says youd just do the couch coop thing.

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yea to be honest i think any things like this should be on the vita aswell. It needs all the stuff it can get really!

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and yet again android gets shafted! would of given this a go but im not a fan of iphones.

Edit - so it is coming to android, with details this week

Still annoying though that andriod has to wait considering the size of its instal base.

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yea im hopeful that it is, would be stupid if not really. The way the tweet read makes it seem like its gonna be though, fingers crossed

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Edit - i should have read the article first lol, seems i can now trade my unsed tablet in as i can use my vita for second screen apps!

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isnt it rumored to be a fantasy action rpg

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Agree, and it's the option I would have brought

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mono..i basically only play games at night..i sit `2.5 meters away from my glossy screen tv..the move reflects off of it, just because its not an issue for you dont mean its not for others!

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@Ohio - It is coming west, house said Japan are getting it ahead of a global release

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id be slightly annoyed as id have rather of waited and just got the next gen one! personally i think gta 5 will stay current gen, with gta online and any dlc stories in a standalone package being the things that go next gen

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@prodg, your thinking of Sony's head mounted displays which are just personal 3d display units. They have not put any vr headset on the market. That being said your right in there not behind, if people google tgs 2012 Sony vr headset you can see Sony's fist public showing of there vr headset, which has a camera for augmented reality vr making it better than rift already in my eyes

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i agree with the headline, as me and others i know wont be getting a ps4 until kingdom hearts 1.5 and beyond have been completed. And me personally, i am considering waiting until ive finished ffxhd and ffxiii-3, though i probably wont be able to hold out that long

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@loki, CBoat only got the ps4 launch date wrong as far as i remember, which is because hes a ms insider not a sony one..everything he said about ms was right, and titanfall will be coming to ps4, just look at mass effect, EA will always go multiplat in the end especially with shooters where they have stated they want to match COD. That being said i dont think titanfall is as great as fanboys are making out and i wont be picking it up on any system

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thats a bit harsh, and just because you think social features enrich the gaming experience dosnt mean it is a fact. I also just play single player as most of my mates who game only play fifa and cod, and i have no interest in playing people online that im never going to meet in real life as its dont enrich anything for me..and i also just prefer story driven games. So does that make me an anti social shut in to...or just someone who has a different way of enjoying games?

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