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If I was a civilian in a war, I would pick up a gun and defend my country.

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Waiting for the Super Move edition.

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Cam I get God of War games on onlive? I don't think so.

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Ok, than God of War 3 eats all gears games combined in the graphics department for breakfast.

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No way! Resistance: Fall of Man is still a classic with early PS3 adopters. That games was pure fun. I think Resistance 1 and 2 have sold more than Killzone 2 and 3.

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I really want this game but I don't have the money for it, I already bought like 3 PS3 games and I'm fixing to get God of War origins, Sony too many games!

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Sony Santa Monica Studios! there is no other studio better than SSMS. I'm surprised is not listed! God of War games are the best games that any console could ever have!

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I like uncharted and gears but im not a big fan of TPSs. I like FPS and love God of War games.

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What's a Forza?

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This game is straight up crap! The controls are very unresponsive for shooting.

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I enjoy women and kitchen jokes alot lol.

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Poor Colliope :(

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I like android, I have a Droid X (upgrading to a Droid Bionic soon) and it's quite awesome. I had an Iphone and the apps that are for free in Android market cost money on Iphone. Looking forward for an Android tablet.

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Ya really don't know Mexico... Don't always believe what you see on tv.

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How much it cost a new game in Mexico?

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-1 for ps3 exclusive
-1 not on 360
Oh yeah and the story.

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Enemy AC 130 ABOVE!
Here comes hell

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Im tired of the lame and boring liberty city! Bring back vice city ir san andreas.

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Consoles, they have way more games especially PS3.

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I love CoD zombies, its the best part of the game.

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