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LOL...one look at Forza 7 and people will buy. The console will sell well. Will it beat the pro in sells? Initially yes, but I dont think long term however. I do believe it will sell well enough to justify this endeavor

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Anyone that believes SONY will announce new hardware today DM me please. I have some bottled air that I would like to sell ya.

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All of this sounds like a bunch of jealous fan trade trying to twist the words of a company. MS had a vision and executed it to perfection. They created a meaningful mid cycle upgrade to their platform with state of the art engineering. So much so that it eclipses any and everything that the PRO is capable of to the extent that Sony's fanboys want to claim its a next gen system. Sad. Deal with it. You're no longer top of the food chain. Enjoy your exclusives and be content wit...

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The pacing here is what sets things apart from the rest of the games. It certainly helps set the tone and atmosphere of the game. In kovie terms its not a blockbuster summer movie but more along the lines of an oscar type movie.

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Go away troll. And you're such a coward you have to act like you're another race. I dont know any black person that would just casually use the word, "cracker" and/or use it in the manner in which you die . Idiot.

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I agree. PS gamers are just now getting good exclusives yet they act like they've had them since day one. After I beat the Last of us and Infamous my ps4 became an indie dust collector.

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The XOX trumps the PS Pro in every way imaginable technically.. The games will come...after all it took 3 to 4 years before PS4 even got decent exclusives. You would have to be a special fool to be arguing against the technical prowess of the system.

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I find it interesting when you have all these self proclaimed "engineers" trying to discredit the power of the Xbox One X when it has been proven to be a technical marvel from reputable sources or better yet ENGINEERS.

But one shouldn't be surprised by these silly post, we are on N4g after all. Where reason and facts are through out the door in favor of whatever Sony shits out their ass and fanboy emotions.

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This is bs. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Sony was behing this. People forget how deceiving those bastards where back in the PS2 era.

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I bet my bottom dollar the Scorpio will retail for $400

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The Scorpio is a mid gen upgrade just like the pro. Blame Sony for being cheap with their refresh. MS has stated they will show games at E3 and plan on doing an event before E3 to showcase their new hardware. Buuut since it's MS then this is a bad idea or a sign that they have no new games smdh. How much of a simpleton do you have to be to believe this? And its funny how really just this year Sony has finally gotten some decent exclusives that isnt some weird japnese rpg that 90% of...

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It's called N4g logic where everything that MS is negative. It doesn't matter if you have facts to back up what you're saying because they'll just use alternative facts to shut you down. Only the ignorant individuals run the show here.

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best and most accurate post on uwp on this thread yet. cant refuted the facts.

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Thats because he's speaking troll.

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Dont quit your day job.

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Most people bitching about MS's game lineup have no intentions of buying an Xbox console either way. MS has released several new IPs to varying successes along with their "core" games this generation. This is FACT whetherbyou chose to acknowledge it. Sony has and does the same thing. Differencw being that Sony provides alot of "out there" games that the averag joe will care nothing about. Nothing wrong with it butbitsbjust not something that most Xbox consumers go...

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Most of you who are on here bitching about Microsofts lineup had no plans to buy a console from them to begin with. If Microsoft development Studios can manage to tell a compelling story with 3 or 4 Marquee titles then I'm all for it.. and to be honest Sony's lineup is pretty predictable as well. And it's funny that you guys are just now getting some decent exclusives and yet you harp on like you have been playing Triple A games year after year and that's simply not true.

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How is it a roundhouse kick to Xbox gamers? No one is FORCING you to get the new system and it's not like they're abandoning the OG Xbox. But if it makes you sleep better at night then go ahead. But by ur logic Sony is doing the same thing. The Pro is twice as powerful as the PS4. The difference between Sony and MS is that MS said they weren't going to half ass it.

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Yet you wait 3 years to get a decent exclusive on PS? Yet seeing is believing? You PS fanboys are so used to waiting so you should have no issues waiting on the Scorpio. There is going to be alot of crying to mommie by the PS Skirts when the Scorpio drops. You guys better start buying kleenexnow hahahaha.

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