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I'll give ghosts a chance... If they actually fix issues like team quitting without penalties to protect your precious k/d, host advantage, horrible aim assist code, team balancing, spawn balancing.... Sigh.

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6 or 7 is the sweetspot. We're not limited by tech any longer, we're limited by the current gamer/developer/publisher/budg et system, and that needs to change before we get more hardware.

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"And no, not only that, every game on xbox one have dedicated servers. "

If true, awesome. Has this been confirmed by MS? Or is there just easily available servers?

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If anything I think A4O shows that while the majority of people might complain about teams making "typical sequels," in the end it's "typical sequels" that they really want. Try something different and people will shun it.

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I still have 10 NEW titles (not showing up on PS4/Xbox One) to buy this year on PS3, and 2 already released that I need to pick up.

Plenty of life in the old gal!

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Please tell me you're trying to be sarcastic or ironic?

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Developing a game for ms and a game for Sony at the same time sounds pretty multiplatform to me....

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Overblown? Most services are pay to REMOVE ads.

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I hit a ridiculous amount of occlusion bugs, saw a ton of seams in the geo, but the sheer size of the game's world made me pretty forgiving of it. I only hit one missing environment bug and no animation issues. I'm guessing they updated their occlusion system from previous titles and weren't able to work all the kinks out before ship.

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"lets say the developers get 20 million alone is not profitable?"


Nope. Not in all cases.

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Now divide up between marketing, publisher fees, the console maker's fees, packaging, distribution, retailer cut, and then development cost. Everyone has a piece of the pie.

Now also consider how fast game prices drop to $50, $40. 10 million copies probably won't be sold at full MSRP.

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But I heard the 360 version uses "teh powah of teh clowd" too!

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MP only? Should be $40 or less IMHO. $60 for just MP is a bit steep.

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Which is silly because reviews are opinions, nothing more.

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Titanfall isn't a launch title though. It's late 2014 iirc

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I disagree. Pre-release, look how many people are hooked on buzz terms like "power of the cloud?" That's all PR man.

The majority of consumers don't know what they want until they are told what they want sadly.

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More Tron!
ONE Marvel world (NYC, with plenty of cameos)!
Can I get some Incredibles please?
How about a little Wreck It Ralph?

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BF4 has networked wave simulations for its sea combat. And its multiplatform.


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Nope. It's the same as "teh power of teh cell" last gen. A bunch of silly PR spin amounting to a bunch of nothing, but people latch on to the buzz term when they clearly have no knowledge of the underlying tech.

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This is one reason I'm sick of the prequels. The Patriots have their hands in everything.

MG is so ready for a new timeline/universe.

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