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Did you have your cereal with milk today?

From everything you said, it makes me believe that you do not own a PSVita, so you don't know of it's potential, it's future. You know nothing about the triple AAA titles coming out, and clearly you haven't seen the Liberation trailer.

Go back to playing on your 3DS, ill informed child.

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My hatred for Burning Skies began when I first opened the case, where I was washed away with the smell of shiz. But because I'm a big kid, I popped that sucker inside my Vita after cleaning it, and then it occurred to me the feces run in the genes.

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You can have your Tegra 4, Tegra X, or anything else special you want in your cellphone. But it doesn't change the fact that when you choose to play games, you will have more fun playing on a dedicated gaming handheld.


Simple as that.

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Definite buy if the special/collector's edition came with one of the characters pulling out the SPINAL SWORD! I mean, can you be any more original? That's the coolest idea, ever.

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I bet no one at Activision played Burning Skies. Dumb bastards.

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This game shoulda released months ago, ages and time ago. By looking at these "new" screenshots, I see no change in the game. Now I just don't know if it's worth my attention.

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The Vita doesn't need to be saved. Liberation is not the only triple AAA title dropping on the Vita that will make people go, WOW! There are tons of killer titles, perception changers.

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Just like how Burning Skies wasn't worth $45. I will never make that mistake again.

Shame on you Nihilistic.

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Lol but it was a perfect ending.

This was a sick trailer. I liked it a lot. Many home runs coming to the PSVita.

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Yeah just like Resistance Burning Skies. And guess what? Declassified is being developed by Nihilistic, the same goons responsible for BS.

I just can't believe it. It looks like Killzone is the way to go.

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Yep, Sony won it again this time.

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THIS JUST IN: CoD Vita is being developed by Nihilistic.

Lol complete fail, just complete fail.

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To be honest, graphically speaking Resistance was BS. Everything felt very linear and blocky. Burning Skies truly burned the franchise.

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I agree, it looks terrible. It's got a modern coat of the Resistance Burning Skies visuals. Ugh, do better guys.

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Also, does anyone have any issues with the current latest firmware? I think it's 1.69, but my Vita always freezes on the Friends and Messaging screens every time I go on them. This has never happened before but with this firmware.

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I laugh at you fake touch gamers.

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Yeah, this needs to happen. Comics on the OLED will be great.

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In my books, the PSVita is better than any portable gaming device on the market right now. Whether it be your phones, tablets, 3DS, whatever, the Vita is the best.

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I hate it when people mention Monster Hunter as the "killer" title that will change tides. Sure it's a popular game, but any game can be popular. It's all about if you make it right and play your cards right.

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I hope the U is worth it.

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