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Performance is important to any true racing game fan, say what you all want about Xbox but at least the understood this, 1080p is of to much importance

@Below, i am a racing fan regardless of console, i'm just sharing my "unbiased" opinion which is my right, don't question it!

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Dazzle @ 30FPS and a Fake day/night cycle lol, 30FPS kills this game dammit bump that up Sony, Forza is still the only true racing game released on these next gen machines so far, GDDR5 Ram or whatever and its still 30 Frames? pathetic for a racing game, PASS

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Sonic Heights = 30FPS + Fake Day Night cycle, at least Forza will still be a true racing franchise at 60FPS, disappointed with Driveclub

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This is nothing compared to Xbox lol, Xbox is the futuristic device not PS4, sorry PS fans

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Nitrowolf, its a good job you posted that or else Sony fans might of cried, truth is they where worth 2 Billion to Facebook, meanwhile Sony just posted a 1.3 Billion dollar loss for the company's last fiscal year, sorry if it upsets you but its the truth, lol

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There little start up company made more than all of Sony in one year

Oculus Rift 1 year: 2 Billion (Facebook acquisition)

Sony 1 Year: Lost 1.3 Billion

i think his statement is correct, lol

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Wii U is coming back! E3 should be good for them i hope

why why why was i downvoted? i am excited for Wii U's E3 because of this video they made here:

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Yea, Spiderman sucks on both

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Looks identical on both

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No it isn't, read this: Sony let go ALL of their old talent who use to innovate and make all the famous products, all that talent moved to LG and Samsung, Sony is old news in consumer electronics now because of it, that's the main problem with Sony

Quote: "What happened is that Taiwan or Korea hired the retired...

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1.3 BILLION in Loss's that's substantial, they have about 150 Billion in assets but they also are about 120 Billion in debt or something like that, not good for Sony, Kaz Hirai failed to make tough decisions 2 years ago

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i started off logically and fair and straight, but then i was banned for a "slight" preference of Xbox, i lost my bubbles, now i don't care and will say it as i see it, PSN did drop the ball and took a bigger hit because of this outage, which part did i lie about please?

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PSN seems like the weak link here if you read the article, Xbox LIVE handled it well but PSN is definitely more affected, don't know why i was downvoted, its the truth if you read the article, PSN took the bigger hit

downvoted for truth lol GG N4G

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it was a joke pal, i have no idea how this will play out but i'm sure they will do a better job than Sony is right now, with the 1.3 Billion dollar loss for this year and all, lolol

edit2: @Xdone: i was joking, are you really that insecure about Sony and Playstation? they might be up now for the moment,...

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Guys, its Xbox, and this is N4G, of course it will fail are you kidding? Xbox is DOOMED Sony is the leader now and Xbox will die soon because of logic tells me

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i guess youtube will come next year then?? lol

edit: @candy yes but Xbox is never trolled on here right? oh yea i forgot this is a safe heaven for insecure Sony fans (N4G) like you and its a problem when Sony is criticized

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Nope, everyone will just buy Xbox

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Simple fact is that Xbox will be the FIRST console to ever be officially released in China, there is 500 Million gamers there and the gaming market is bigger than North America, and the Chinese hate the Japanese and they are very friendly with America, Just like Japan prefers Sony, expect China to prefer Microsoft, also China sells more TV's than all of America, it make sense for them to attach something to them like a Console

Face it Sony fans

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The Best Games are on Xbox One, including Watch Dogs:

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knife its pretty bad when you need duct tape for a brand new 400$ console

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