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This isn't true. There were a ton of (very well done) first-party Vita games in the first couple years -- Unit 13, Killzone Mercenary, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, etc.

They did choose to cater to an older audience, which may have been a mistake.

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Sony had HDMI adapters for their Vita devkits.

All they had to do was make one for retail, and push it as a hybrid handheld/console. They didn't. Dumb.

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What a load of BS. This article is written like they didn't know how a PC was put together.

The first Xbox was *radically* different from the PS2. In fact, it was the closest relative to every console from the PS4 and Xbox One, onwards, being damn near a PC.

If they got any inspiration from the PS2, it was how NOT to do things. They included a HDD, they had a discrete, programmable GPU, they had a PC-like architecture and good dev tools, they had a...

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History of two consoles? Serious? If this author actually knew some details, I suppose the article might be interesting..

Heck, I, a mere rando, can give interesting details that this article author completely missed.

For example, did you know the PSP Go could save a game's runtime memory state to it's flash drive, and thus could pause it literally forever? (well, as long as the drive lasts, anyway)

Or that the PSP-1000, 2000,...

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But.. but.. no one cares about enhanced old games, which is why Xbox BC is such a lame feature, right?!

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Ironically, getting PS4 or PS5 to play PS3 would be even more of a challenge.

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Newsflash, PS4 & PS5 don't play PS2 games, because Sony chooses not to allow it, unless you pay them for a crappy streamed version.

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The big takeaway, here, is that the PS5 is perfectly capable of playing your old PS2 game discs... and doesn't because Sony wants you to pay for them again.

If you have a Xbox disc, however, you just put it into your XBox One |S|X, or Series X, and you're playing.

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Why would MS care about competing with PSVR on Xbox? The most popular VR platform on earth always has been, and always will be, MS Windows.

If you think a console HMD can compete with the PC-capable HMDs, you are smoking something pretty serious, even if 5M suckers bought one (which they did... and don't play it).

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The Xbox controller has had complex multi-rumble in it for some time -- but no game dev ever uses it. Kinda seems like it's the PS controller that's playing catchup. Sony just exposed their rumble APIs better? Not sure.

I guess the trigger rumble is an additional feature? I can see that as being fun. The left/right motors have existed for eons in the Xbox controller, though.

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Sony gives your more greatness, for only $499.99, and you still complain? Sheesh.

Maybe you Switch fanboys, who don't deserve to stand in the mighty shadow of PS5, should learn to RTFM before you install your first real console game.

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Inflation folks. Game developers don't deserve to starve so you can play their games, or play buggier games because they can't spend the money to get them ready for market.

What really needs to happen is the physical retailers need to allow DIGITAL games to be sold for LESS, than their physical counterparts. Yes, THIS is the reason games are so expensive -- retailers like Wal-mart can't make money off games if they don't hike the price, and they won't ...

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Um.. no?

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This guy should just stick a PS5 next to his Xbox Series X, if he's having trouble keeping it warm.

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Yeah, that's right. Every time Sony releases a new game, all the PS users buy it and are playing it. No need to swap games, because no one makes good games but Sony.

What dufusoids those Xbox players must be.

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Good point. Yes, those Xbox fanboys only need fast swapping because they don't have any engaging games to play. Plus, the PS5 SSD is so fast, it even beats up the Xbox with backwards compatibility games, probably. I mean, for the 5 people who care about BC.

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Keep in mind that Microsoft has a whole team dedicated to BC tuning, and Sony just does enough to get them going.

Much like the difference between nVidia and AMD GPU drivers -- nVidia tunes theirs to be customized for each game. AMD... doesn't. That doesn't mean AMD cards are bad -- they are great for the value. They just don't get the software love that nVidia cards get, so, in the end, nVidia always looks better.

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Basically, it works, but doesn't really make anything look better over PS4 Pro, and loading time improvements are mild.

This isn't the up-rezzing and FPS improvements of Xbox Back-compat -- it's just a straight "it works on both" solution. I guess they couldn't get God of War running over 1080p, and it's only "almost" 60 fps in performance mode? The PS4 Pro hit 40 in the same scenario. Over 100 games have a "may have issues on...

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How old is Shadow or Mordor now?

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Folklore was top 5 RPGs of the PS3/360 era. Maybe Top 3... and we'll never see it again.

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