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Take a look at this :

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Well, console war has begin again.

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Even MS will get cocky just like 360 era.

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I could say that player will use to exploit everything what they want. Just my guess.

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Well, I agree. Sony is never friendly with Bethesada really.

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I read the article. It is Sony fault, but the think is that Sony is never been friendly with Bethesada ever since. And EA acces, that was BS from them.

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Well, that's kinda similar. But Their relationship with Sony is low ever since 360 day. Even so, I wasn't suprise. Bethesada favor MS more than Sony. And again, I agree.

Edit : @gamer1134 Well, it is Sony fault. I know. Even so I know Sony will fall and Microsoft will rise ever since 2014. But look again, Bethesada never have strong relationship with Sony. So I wasn't suprise after I read the article.

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Well, that's suck really. I think Bethesada have been with Microsoft for so long. Not trying to say is bad thing. But if you look back, Bethesada is never friendly with Sony really. Bethesada has favor MS ever since XBOX 360.

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Ah nope, You can still play these PS4 game on Pro. Sony confirmed that if you had all PS4 games, PS4 Pro will update HDR patch.

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Seriously, can advance PC can achieve that ? That's questionable to be honest. We aren't living a perfect world here pal.

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It's smaller than any consoles.

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Yeah, I agree on that one. And my god, I wish we didn't start a console war in first place. But I guess we have to accept it and deal with it. But I believe that we able to move on.

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Oh my god ! You are just sketchy.

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Yeah, it will burn your hand for sure.

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One thing I give credit to Digital Foundry that they know their source very well. I get it why PS4 Pro get too many negatives reception, but at least Digital give these two PS4 a positive.

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Yeah, can they beat PS4 games score ?

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Yeah, MS will get cocky just like Sony did 3 years ago. It's same cycle, it will repeat again.

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The game looks beautiful.

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Well, she has a strong arm 😛.

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I don't consider my opinion is perfect. I know it questionable from me. Graphics doesnt make a better game. That's true. Even so, people will do their own benefit even go blindly or aware. I can tell you this. Graphics don't equal gameplay, but there are some people can do that both. Maybe I can't remember who name is, but I remembered the person did a great job in both graphics and gameplay.

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