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Same. I return to Bloodborne and Dark souls 3 at least once a year. Usually when Vaatividya uploads a video, lol.

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1) You brought up points but withheld critical information as far as what people were actually saying.

2) Moot point. Anyone can sit here and claim to have whatever they want sitting in their house right now. Your behavior is what I base this claim off. Every time I see you comment you're doing your best to put Sony as the bad guy.

3) Sure. Not digging through your history to verify everything you've said on the subject.

4) Ever...

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People brought up PC crossplay because fanboys like you were saying Sony was anti-crossplay, which was hilarious. The part you're leaving out is how many pointed out that crossplay was not a big deal, nor desirable and they didn't want more of it. Quit with your cherry picking bullshit.

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Again!? Fucking hell, people are dumb.

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Glad they put out a demo, it completely turned me off of purchasing the game.

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Same. I did a $1 game pass trial to play it. Glad I did cause it saved me from wasting $20. Reminded me of a game you can play on the internet for free.

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Almost all retailers can ship physical copies straight to your door. Sales are not the problem.

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Who hurt you? I'll get them!

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Awww, poor baby...

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You should ask Jesus to build you a brain...

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Unfortunately, you'll have to purchase a majority of what you listed. You don't have to purchase the game (Warzone is free!) However, you'll definitely need to pick yourself up a console. I'd recommend the X1S as the X1X wouldn't be worth it with the Series X on the horizon. While Warzone is free, it's mandatory you pick yourself up that Xbox Live subscription, you'll not be able to play this free game without that additional charge. Internet connection, HD televis...

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Aww, little xbot can’t handle the finger being pointed at his company 😭 adorably sensitive!

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^Nah. Dude was just flat out wrong. It happens to him a lot.

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it's already had a ps4 pro update.

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No they don't. what needs to happen is they need to quit announcing release dates when their product clearly isn't ready. Delaying a game just to move it to a date that doesn't have to compete with other games is BS. Make a good game and they wouldn't have to worry about that.

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They already did that with the One X.

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