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got mine free, playing another game and saw mafia 3 added to download, it was there when i looked then

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why am i getting unsafe sites warnings on all these links?

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lolol, he said 'balls'

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1.6 million+ a day and it doesnt have to last long. i bet a pokemon goes to europe(or a million other places) is being made now with a few changed names or colors , to keep the money rolling in.

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@babadivad - and sony dont have the cloud OR dx12! they may as well sell out to MS while they are worth something, cause they are done!

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gamechanger? if by that you mean the ponies will suddenly lose intrest in best graphics and it will be all about the gameplay, and the xboners...viceversa. just switch arguements and keep bitching about it all..

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they lied, called it exclusive xb1 untill after christmas to get xb1 sales. i havent bought it for that reason. also havent bought any other games since then either from them, except to spend the 10 bucks i had in gold rebates or whatever its called and bought zombi u when it was on sale. screw them.

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my classmate makes 82.99/hr. but my classmates friend makes 83.05/hr. classmate is maaad....

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quality? they are good time passers but all the same! 'here give me a boost' ladder, crumbling ledges, cover shooting, all exact!

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funny how that works, huh? now it dont matter because it will be 'fun'

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snake got the shock of its life too!

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but, but...its on playstation so its like 10 times better than xbox none can ever do!

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another forza killer for sure! this time

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i want to see a blindfolded run !

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its been 4 yrs. almost, but bunches of people are happy about a new ps4 after 2.5 yrs? LOL, talk about a slap

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i saw what you did there (pic of frye squinting inserted here)

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console wars version ps4 vs ps4.5, gonna be lots of salt in here when the 4.5 is beating ps4 resolution and fps like 40million gamers worth of salt and EG will be all over that

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yes, if game is bad just add zombies, profit!

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