i love games ;)


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This is why I invest in there consoles new ips left and right bring it Sony.

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One of my top 5 games of all time well deserved congrats to Cory and sms what an amazing game

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One of the best games I have ever played in the last 10 years fuck is sooooo good I'm taking my time with it I don't want the ride to end and atreus is amazing btw.

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I need augmentation stones for my charge blade I've been trying to get them for the past two weeks with no luck but I'm keep trying. Btw the more content they put out the better the game is awesome

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I'm in day one can't wait!!!

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Can't wait this game is too awesome I just started using the long sword my god that weapon is great I love it!!

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The beta was a blast to play can't wait to jump in and hunt some monsters

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I want to get star wars battle front 2 but I also want to get call of duty ww2 what you guys recommend me to get lol

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I just got my switch today along with splatoon2 having a blast so far the more games the better.

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How's the star wars battlefront 2 beta btw bro

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I would preorder the neon one from best buy but I don't know if they charge me right away i won't have the money until next week to get mine lol.

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One of the reasons why I im getting the switch because of this game can't wait to get it soon soon.

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I'm getting one pretty soon with splatoon2 it should be fun.

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Take your time gg I can't wait for more aloy

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I'm cool with it take your time guys

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The show stoppers are in town let's goo my wallet is Rady!!!

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One of the greatest games of this generation I loved it congrats to guerrilla games I'm waiting for the dlc and aloy is awesome.

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Let's gooo im ready fam

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I love it wen they are like this let the games do the talking

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I guess I'm gonna have to get a switch before the fall hits fucking Nintendo good job now announce a metroid game and please lol.

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