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Standard Ubisoft practice at this point. Gamers gotta remember this is usually how they work.

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Why are the comments turning this into some Sony thing? What does Sony have to do with Microsoft shutting down their studios under ZeniMax?

Tango Games being closed is something else to me. Now it makes sense why Shinji Mikami left.

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So they're fixing all their fake review bombing now?

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There was no reference to the N-word.

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It's all fake outrage journalists are looking for everything and anything to accuse the developers of sexualization of the female body and racism now. Yet, Hard R has nothing to do with race.

Some of these journalists seem to dislike Asian people and it's starting to show more and more now.

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IGN had out for this game since the whole thing with IGN France.

Also, Western Reviewers are afraid of good-looking female characters now.

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Funny I thought this game was doing bad in Japan and SE wasn't happy with the sales as well. Thats according to certain fanbases.

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All these games sold well. I don't understand why some sites are going after the games.

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A lot of it has to do with copyright infringement. Something similar happened with Little Big Planet back in the day. Where Nintendo wanted created levels pulled from the game because people made almost full blown Mario Levels.

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Let's see how many people fall for this. Wasn't Series X supposed to be the most powerful console out right now? What happened with all that talk?

Funny watching those running Xbox spin their usual nonsense. Then someone else from Microsoft is gonna come and say something different.

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Ummm yes, you do have an SE Subscription to play the game even after buying it on PSN and I'm sure PSN is required to play the game as well.

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And this is Sony's fault how?

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This gonna be happening a lot going forward.

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Sony is gonna end up getting this man to make a lot of their games.

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We allowed companies like Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft to do this to us with their subscription services. Now we are getting some single-player games that require an internet connection to play

But hey there are people out there who like to brag about how Game Pass for example is good for the industry and will defend it until they find out they don't own the games and are merely renting. But will continue to say they play games for free.


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This game is still a thing?

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Amazes me this game is still going strong. I still gotta finish it myself.

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Huh, I thought it was coming to GP guess I was mistaken.

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Y'all realize AI has been being used for years now right? This didn't just start two or three years ago.

I hate AI as much as the next person, especially when it comes to the fake artists out there.

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