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Give the console a chance flippin heck ??? its already got a huge community on MiiVerse and everyone online loves the console ?? 90% of wiiu gamers are online its not taken off ?? ok EA also u need to make better games than madden25 and fifa14 if u want to claim online is where your stupid look EA just admit your going to help Sony and Microsoft build an online by giving them full support wether or not they sell big numbers like u should also with nintendo ? its called building a...

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Try the industry is struggling not just wiiu.

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See its not a wiiu thing in fact Iwata has said although not brisk sales the wiiu is selling steady in all regions be it not a lot,so this is a good indication that when the games come it will fly off shelves.

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Nintendo just buy a bunch of 3rd party studio's and then you will stomp on the competition....

Obviously they become 1st party ? but u still have to buy 3rd party studios there not 1st party until you acquire them...

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Another very powerful statement,Nintendo should start marketing the hell out of it....i can think of some amazing adverts for such a device....

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WiiU does it with zero latency ????

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Your right i remember Lik sang an amazing site Sony got closed down because of the negativity it cast on them Nintendo should close this site down END OF....

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Please MGS is coming to wiiu and Forza will not compete with Project CARS wiiu,and all the other games looked ps3 you blind fanboy get a grip even sony will admit the real ps4 graphics were not quite there at E3 yet u big up games that didn't impress no 1.

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I try to tell all these fanboys this all the time....WiiU will compete in graphics..

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Love my wiiu play black ops all the time and get joke off all the spank 360 as well...

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Hey EA how come your 1st gen nextgen games on ps4 look crap in comparison to what ive seen on wiiu ?? madden 25 looks more kiddie then the wii version not wiiu wii,fifa14 looks like a ps3 game ???? EA got voted worst company againn ???? Nintendo told them to get on their toes were doing are own Online with miiverse ect and now all of a sudden a dx11 comparable gpgpu with edram isn't good enough ????

Peter moore is a Sony and Microsoft fanboy,Nintendo should do the unexpe...

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Well sonic racing sold 300,000 units on wiiu more than 360 and ps3 version combined Sega said this ages ago so its prob sold even more now ??? so 3 million wiiu units sold VS 150 million combined 360 and ps3 consoles yet wiiu outsells them wow Hmmmm no wonder Sega have a 3 game exclusive deal.

But this does prove wiiu has a good attach rate.

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No teenagers and men that havnt grown up play Sony and Microsoft.

Real retro gamers and snes and 64 fans play nintendo,nintendo have LEGACY go ask Sony.

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Yeah running on pc ???? just like all ubisofts games ?

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Yeah but wiiu has 32MB/64MB which is 130 to 260 GB of bandwidth on the gpgpu alone ?? due to edram which is designed to push powerful processors to the limits kid...

System RAM doesnt bottleneck hardware with compression x10 these days ??

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U troll,if wiiu is current gen then so is ps4 mate don't shout RAM to me,RAM isnt a bottleneck these days with compression x10 on Havok nextgen,which is in every wiiu devkit ???

32MB/64MB of edram on MCM,
3MB edram cache on cpu cores,out of order,
Custom E6760 DX11 GPGPU,
25GB Single layer discs,
multi screen screen support,
1080p/60fps as seen on MK8,



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Ive never heard so much rubbish in my life since ps4 got lots of RAM this site makes out RAM is more important for graphics than your GPU or GPGPU feature set makes me laugh,why havn't the graphics blown everyone away if the RAM is that essential ?? all the top games from all 3 consoles shown nextgen graphics but nothing was mind blowing except MGS,MK8 and X.

The screenshots for titanfall look awful,second son looks basically ps3 level,Killzone was a bit less realistic bu...

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Wait until ps4 is released games will look the same as wiiu and xbox1 end of,wiiu has edram and xbox has cloud so it all evens out...WiiU has NERD developing cloud features to make wiiu more powerful don't forget that either,plus ive seen remarkable wiiu games running at Full HD already.

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It looks Graphically worse than GT6 and looks old and tired compared to Project CARS WiiU/PC.

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Stylized is nintendo's art style,Cartooney is Ben10 or disney's games or all the crap carbon copys of mariokart....

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