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Sorry LOGICFAILS UC3 is a fantastic game. Go play your xbox. Fanboy.

Every time it's attempted Sony bashing with you and I'm sick of it. GO AWAY!

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I've got both but I can say I'm much of a gears fan. So uc3 for me I reckon.

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Comparing pixels on a screen. The ultimate nerd pastime. Get girlfriends.

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Burn euro gamer burn.

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Mgs hd. Big deal.

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Uncharted 3 is the best version. ;-)

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PS3 has its exclusives. If you want to play these, I suggest getting a ps3. If not just forget it and play the games on the system you own.

Not rocket science.

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Gamers love this game, trolls and fanboys hate it. Which is even more reason for gamers to like it!

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Have a thumbs down and a minus bubble rating for your trouble. Troll.

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I wan moar bubblez pleases.


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It is a comic book world, so it's par for the course. Everything in comics like this is overblown.

I'm loving the game and I refuse to spoil it with nitpicking. It's a masterpiece.

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Why can't Nolan play as drake in the film?? It seems obvious. He has the voice, the movement, hell he even looks similar!

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I'm not buying this. There's been too much controversy over its quality and too much chest beating by the developers.

I'm sticking to skyrim, uc3 and batman thanks. Maybe I'll pick this up later if it's any good.

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Ok. I'm bored with these endless pc graphics articles. Ugh.

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Awesome. It's looking like this game will be a hell of an adventure!

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Hey, reviewers can have no taste in games too!

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People don't seem to realise that ign has different reviewers. It's not one big ign man who reviews everything, different reviewers may like different types of game.

Regardless, uc3 is a day one game.

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Heh nothing anyone can say or do will stop this game being epic. Nothing. They better get it through their skulls.

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And an art gallery can't be sprinted round without looking at any of the masterpieces! ;-)

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Darn....I must have left my ability to care at home somewhere...

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