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I have 4 boys and thank god for a daughter as well. The 2 older boys want the new Xbox and the 2 younger want a PS5. Thats before I even buy my new consoles. Good lord Dad is going to be broke af next holiday

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This will be my 5th Gen PlayStation console release, I was a kid when Atari, Intellevision and coleco vision were released. owned NES and Super Nintendo plus Sega master system, Saturn and Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360. Damn I am getting old. I was feeling nostalgic so carry on

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Bruh spot on and to the point. Microsoft's engineering team are making a heck of a console. The 6 teraflops and the tech inside the Xbox Scorpio will make it an optimized work horse with power to spare. It is very close to a 1070s performance (TF) and has streamlined tech that will rival some high end PCs IMO by being in a closed environment. Not everyone owns a GTX 1080, GTX 1080 TI or GTX titan Xp with the latest CPU's.

I can't wait to see this running games ...

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The Xbox Scorpio is very impressive especially after watching the Digital Foundry break down of what Microsoft's engineer's were able to accomplish.

I need to watch the video again because MS were able to due to pull and implement multiple new technologies, especially with DX12 as one of them.
They we're able to enhance more less Raw performance and make it more efficient as well. I know powerful PC GPUs run a lot of games unoptimised and dependent on...

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Ellie all grown up is one BFF to be reckoned with. I can't wait for this game, and I hope it will have some Joel specific chapters like ;"winter;" in the first one, if this is the case

I'm so PumpinTehPllaystatiotion4Pro sh1t out of this MFday1LastofUs2G.O.A.T. until my hands fall off.

So this is why I choose PSx for these masterpieces to be, and the classics I can't wait for all these new exclusives because this Gen is just startin...

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I've had some deus ex mankind divided fps drops, but it runs smoother overall IMO over the standard base Ps4.

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And you Blame that with what, your own personal experience? The reviews say otherwise.

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Well I'm going to support respawn the game looks phenomenal with a purchase. I also agree with many that this on EA and their shady practices. From something heard around here is they do so they can take the IP for them sales potentially if a game is good and sales are poor. I hope TitanFall has much success.

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This is news I've been waiting to hear. The PS4 PRO will have a much smoother UI interface while offloading task to another Ram slot.

Plus the bump in CPU clock speed and this console will be way more responsive than the OG PS4. Can't wait for this beast in the next few weeks to arrive.

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Good lawd that unboxing was horrible. I get the delicacy of opening up a new console but i wanted more visual of the unit it self instead of a 360 spin @ the end.

I just bought one for my Daughters Boyfriend who wanted an Xbox really bad after he got out of the Army. He's going to be a happy dude.

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I want a gif of the bell tower scene so epic. Well all of it was thanks for the link.

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Ya I agree I got some free stuff from the store after buying this game yesterday and i am very happy with it especially for 25 bucks for the full game used

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I just bought this game used at gamestop for $25USD and i can't believe how fricken awesome it is.

It will take some time to get acquainted with the cars and handling but it is everything i thought the game would be.

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Was just pwn crota and blam I got bitched slapped by PSN

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Man eff these beaches here i am going all my trouble shooting steps while psn has the magical online green light. The Ps3 was working but Ps4 was down so I thought it was just my machine.

Im tired of these losers and tired of the company's that are suppose to prevent this sheet.

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I actually like this games co op mode, but I do not like the crucible MP tie in. I don't think it the ranking system should have a mix between crucible and the co op to increase rank. I believe this should be separated but assuming already that it is to late because this is the way the game is structured.

The Multiplayer portion is okay, but could get boring real quick.

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I still can't get in but hopefully soon.

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For the most part the game was in a different reality which was twisted and cool, but let me tell me one part got me good not paying attention.

Games do not scare me this one did.

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Good because I am going or was going to upload the draw distance bug to them.

It is a flicker of light that appears depending on DOF. If you look straight up into the sky in the beginning of "FALL" the trees will disappear and only the clouds will be visible.

It's not bad but it is present.

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I know it was mentioned that 30ps implemented some better shadows. but I really think @ 60FPS this game looks a lot crisper, has less blurring and is smooth as hell.

I have had a couple encounters were Ellie has triggered the enemy AI and has been in my way walkable patch blocking me. I didn't notice this in the PS3 version but it isn't anything to really worry about.

I think I am right at the half way mark and I have taken some amazing photos in pic...

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