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What other consoles are they supposed to talk about? I don't hear Sony talking about MS unless they are shitting on them.

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Nick completely destroyed Morganfell and dropped a mic. *popcorn

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You do realize that MS was charging for Online before Sony and Sony followed suit. This was one of the biggest factors about Xbox that PS gamers hated, paying for online gaming. MS announced Twitch before the X1 launched. They didn't 'follow suit', they(twitch) worked with MS to create an app just for X1. Again, I fail to see how the other manufacturers are not for the gamer. There are things they all do well and things they suck at. Singling out Sony as being 'for the g...

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"***Sony isn't doing anything for the gamer that MS and Nintendo aren't. ***

1. Didn't force PS4 camera on gamers
2. Didn't put general non-gaming elements behind paywalls
3. Started PS+, MS followed suit
3. No fees/limitations on MMORPGs on their console (limitations and still pay for XBL on MS, nigh impossible on WiiU)
4. Free experience event to celebrate the PS4 (nothing for XBO or WiiU to match this).
5. ...

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oh it's definitely a foreign concept to me because I've been playing games since the beginning and have witnessed EVERY generation. Sony isn't doing anything for the gamer that MS and Nintendo aren't. That's my point.

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@mikeslemonade I'll give you some examples:

Gen 5: Sony beat out Sega due to price and also Sega's early release and issues with retailers
Gen 6: A multitude of things but gen 6 was a game changer on so many levels. Sega dropped out, MS dropped early and Nintendo got beat. Sony had the best most original and new genres.
Gen 7: Forget the 1yr lead, MS had a lower price. Sony wasn't selling as much as they could because of the high price. MS force...

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I never said, "waste of everyone's time" I said "waste of time" or "waste of my time". I also stated, "this is just my opinion"

Please stop putting words into my mouth.

It is a price war. X1 sales picked up after Kinectless sku and even more during BF with the $329 sku.

I've always understood that both companies are about profit. Nintendo proves this more than MS and Sony.


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Am I the only one who thinks the PS4 images have crushed blacks? Could just be contrast settings but the shadows are lacking detail on the PS4 version whereas the X1 shows more detail.

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I don't like you morganfell, but that was hilarious! Take a bubble!

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Did anyone read the article?

THIS---> "We could be running at 100fps if it was just graphics, but because of AI, we're still limited to 30 frames per second."

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I'm not playing the race card. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who gets online and starts calling you racists names is a racist. Do you even know what it means to play the race card? I used IRA to describe these trolls and the things they do. That's not playing the race card.

As far as the Anita thing goes, one of the things I forgot to mention in my video was the fact that she made that money due to the attention she got from the IRA. So while NO ONE likes...

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And just like that VGchartz is a credible site once again. Oo

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How can it not count!? It's a Naughty Dog game. It doesn't matter what their situation was at the time they made the game. It was a two man team at the time but they were still Naughty Dog therefore it's a Naughty Dog game. Your logic is flawed beyond belief!

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Has no one played WAY OF THE WARRIOR!? It's their worst game!

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Sony bought exclusive rights to Tomb Raider franchise on console back in the 90's. This in turn caused cancellation of the series on Sega Saturn. Not much different than what MS is doing here. Actually it's worse. Oo - - 5th paragraph under development.

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I don't think a 4-5 million consoles lead is reason to go 3rd party exclusive.

Reading through this page I can see there are a lot of idiots.

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I love the Raiden series. Can't wait to play this on my Xbox One.

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Everything they are doing to make the PS4 version look 'better' can be done to the PC. It's BS.

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If you own a PC and Planetside 2 and a PS4 you know this article is 100% false.

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Dude, you can't get any better than 1080p/60 on console! LOL

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