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You can qo online cfw ps3 with spoofer im one of em loooooooooooooooool mwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa qodmode love it

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"Maybe because a core part of the game is having AI populate the world?" COD Combat training LOl

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lets see uhhh.....Xbox 720p games..wouldn even consider as a cable box because its still needs a cable box...ok now playstation....1080p games....added feature...oh and you dont need a cable box...........i think you get the point.

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damn they must be hittin them with big packets,swat,swarms,flood .

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa he all off topic

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nope aslong as there are dex ps3 and debug ebooots which you can make..nope

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yes it do i just did it

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theres no 1080 60 fps with next gen textures/lightimg/effects so whats the point?

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Dubia is so pretty som many rich ppl thereee.

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exactly what i was thinkinq..maybe it will be dlc

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`Smh sooo sad...

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Well of course its a phone

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wanna no whats funny @xboned_you nextgen720/ziare said that same line "Men lie women lie numbers don't" in his latest video soo im guessing you a M$ fanboy like him and you stealing quotes from ppl or your him.

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"GPUs out there right now producing 8+ teraflops"but is the xbox doin it.......uhhh noooo.I believe its called a console war for a reason.....why are you even comparing it to the ps4 liked we dont already know this..smh

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pwawawaawawaawawawawaawah and im married to mariah carey

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@ElementX Shut deeee Fuckkkkkkkkkkk Up (Uncle Ruckus Voice)

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then do research or dont comment

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i have a Jb dex ps3 and a jtag/falcon and i can tell you this DRM cant stop. it ps3 and 360 have drm... They dumped the nand which means cfw,which means removing sycalls and all that other jazz.. Plus you get root access with any FTP or ftp or file manager. The games require Rip/rap files to activate it.They could take those and bypass the drm or just crack it with a pkg. The best thing they could do is what sony does is bann macs and console ids.

P.s- This makes me wonder i...

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