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Next year I'm not paying even for PS Plus Extra. Just normal Plus is OK, I don't even play the games "on rental", so, the three free games are still a top in my opinion.

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Omg just go and watch some porn.

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Always surprised that the most clicked or searched review is IGN's... people on this page hate their website, yet, they give them clicks like if that affirmation was wrong.

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I get your questions and understand why you won't invest time in a GaaS game when there a finite games with great stories and gameplay loops such as Nier Automata, like you say, Bioshock, Uncharted even, I like all of those, I don't get why I gave this game a chance tho...

Maybe it's because I really like Rocksteady games and I feel that they've been on the hate train for this try of a new genre, tho I agree with you that being a...

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@Crimson, what games do you like to play, for me SS is an exception, because I don't play GaaS games, I usually play adventure games, puzzles, fighting, RPGs. So I can base my answer about the content you mention knowing what games you like to play, because multiplayers, shooters, tend to be 5 vs 5 deathmatch and it's the same game over and over again, yet, people play it non-stop, or capture the flag or Royale match where it's the saaaaame thing, get weapons, kill until you'r...

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@Crismon... You will? The game's already in a good shape excepting the metropolis bug that has already been adressed. Game's hefty, fun, exciting and has potential to expand. Just let me know, have you played it? Or you're just sheeping your way in this answer?

A few seasons will just give the game more fun content and expand it. So that's exciting. Also, the fact that the seasonal content will be there to stay is a MUST and no-other-game makes it this way, ...

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People really hasn't give the game a chance... the gameplay is actually pretty fun!!!!!!!! A season or two of new content is all what this game needs. But hating it is vogue, so, keep hating it.

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It's already fixed.

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Holy fuck, opinion articles shouldn't exist.

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And yet, they gave an awesome game like SSKTJL a 4/10... The nerve.

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Holy fuck, Foamstars has a better score than Suicide Squad? LOOOOOOOOOL, talk about hypocrisy.

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I agree with this review, because it's objective and embrace the game's strengths and the score reflect the most obvious weakness, the variety of missions.

If Rocksteady fixed this, the game will be amazing to play.

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Critics were biased like REALLY REALLY BIASED, they went full belly jump with the internet general feel, and, the game's actually really good, yeah, it lacks a bit of variety, but that can be improved upon.

If you-all see there hasn't been a bashing of the game for being poorly optimized or entirely broken like avengers or other games. Even Cyberpunk 2077 was a broken mess and reviewers gave them 9/10 at launch, the irony.

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Poor controls? Omg are people even playing this game or just jumping in the hate with stupidly bad review scores? Poor controls? Omg it's one of the tighter and more dynamic controls I've ever used.

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They wanted daddy Joel to be the main character and have a nice field trip adventure with him... So yeah people bash this game because naughty had the guts to make the unthinkable, kill your main protagonist in early game. And tbh, it's the greatest decision a gaming company has made. Even better is to force the player to play as the "antagonist" and get you deep in her skin to understand her anger and blood thirst while also making the other protagonist have a development arch ...

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*sigh* this remaster is really what fans want, it's the original grid games with improved graphics and some optional game controls.

This translates badly into a remake because of the grid engine, if they do a remake it'd be like a normal game with uncharted controls, instead, they're giving us the classic experience, with all the magic that's in it.

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Yeah, a year of exclusivity should be ok, after that everyone gets the benefit of play an awesome game on their platform of choice and big companies win more. And that's important because if Spidey costed 385 million to make... I'm sure they'd love extra revenue.

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Don't play them...?

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Jaffe got stuck with his young mind thinking and it really showed with his latest attempt in gaming "Drawn to Death" it was like a teenage dream that became true and also, sucked.

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