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Shhhhhh domt say such things the new sdk and direct x and blah blah blah are going to make them equal!

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This is a joke post right? Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne alone are going to be better Thn anything on the Wiiu aka regurgitation u.

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You are one of the bi=ggest stealth trolls on here and one of the biggest Wiiu fanboys ive ever seen. No one can criticize the wiiu without you feeling the need to defend it which i dont understand and is quite sad. Even if its your company of choice if its lacking somewhere, its lacking.

Bottom line Wiiu is over priced, online features suck, os is trash compared to other systems, games are regurgitated and the sequels are barely a step up from the Wii just a new shiny paint ...

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Had fun last night cruising the streets as a passenger and shooting any car i could. To me even though it looks like Bf, obviously because of the engine it kinda felt like i was playing GTA5 running around shooting up ppl in cars (think the mode is called hot pursuit or whatever) while i was blasting the radio station.

For what its worth that mode was fun

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Im not even a big persona fan (dont know why and didnt try 4) but im excited based off what i saw on that trailer. My hype level is on infinite right now, the game looks gorgeous and looks like it has a grand scale to it.

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I agree and it is the reason i prefer games such as Demon Souls and the upcoming game like Bloodborn so much more. Dragon age too imo was overatted and bland. To me Demon Souls reinvigorated and brought some innovative things to the rpg genre such as its online component.

Pecorre dont forget the 720p goodness lol

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Word i was actually looking forward to this, thought it was done.

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I love these articles they are so idiotic and redundant. If you had any sense whatsoever you would know that much of what the ps4 doesn't have is due to corporate bs and its more of a business decision than the Ps4 not being able to do it. Good example when we didnt have MP3 playback or whatever, they did that because they wanted to push their bs music service but even eventually it would come. As a gamer it sucks but from a business perspective it makes sense why. When Ps4 hits its 3 yea...

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Dnt buy any COD dlc, do not think its worth it these greedy mother%$#%$ oer charge for this bs.

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Of course they should. Sony acquires talent and doesnt squander it like other companies, making bs games! Just look at Snta Monica, ND, Quantum, Etc.... They would flourish under Sony. I have a feeling The Order is going to be a hit sales wise!

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Bs most of the time ive played betas its representative graphically of what the game is going to look like. They might up the res a little but wont be a big difference.


You are correct, almost all betas ive played were representative of the final product graphically.

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Their fanbase is full of many ppl that make excuses for them and enable the company so things wont change. Thank god for the game fans that didnt put up with the Xbox drm/kinect situation and what happened? Xnox one is more consumer firendly and doesnt look nowhere near how it was suppose to be.

Nintendo will keep making inferior hardware, have no third party support, come with gimmicks, keep giving you those cute cartoony art style games to mask their inferior hardware becau...

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I agree the way you feel when you finally conquer or hard master or pass a certain part is so rewarding. Add to that when you level up and can use certain bad @[email protected] weapons and the feeling is golden. Love these types if games and all souls games, replayability is also top of the line and combat.

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I want the collectors edition so bad but i cant seem to want to get it without a cool mini statue smfh. Idk still might splurge on it, well see.

In either case i put at least 200 plus hours on each Souls game starting with Demon Souls and can easily see myself doing the same with this game. Thank god for RPGs such as these that give gamers tons of replay value, reward and just awesome game play. Every time i sit down and play a Souls game it literally becomes an all day affa...

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Not for nothing but the haters are doing the marketing for Sony, Sony doesn't even have to spend a dime and this game is already advertised to the max.

Im going to tell you this much, this game is going to easily sell a million and that is good for a new ip but i bet its going to do way better than that. I for one am buying day one.

Itll be interesting to see which one sells more "The Order or Bloodborn" even though i think Bloodborn will be a ...

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Im definitely down for this. I love my rpgs and if its a good one im all in!!!!

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If your talking about regurgitation, lack of evolving graphics, cute art style and cartoonyness to mask hardware deficiencies and stuck in their old ways with sequels paving the way, yeah definitely.....


Some of you guys kill me with the blind loyalty bs lol no wonder Nintendo gets away with murder


Save that bs retort for the millions that havent bothered to even buy a Wiiu because the system, nor i...

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Its 2015 wtf wants a static theme? Smfh. Well let me just speak for myself, i want good dynamic themes.

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If this was on xbone and exclusive you'd call it the next godsend in gaming lol your subtle but stealth trolling is legendary lol also your bias.

Your the same guy that use to come on here during the original Kinect days and tell ppl (tht were complaining it wasn't precise or didn't work good ) tht it was the best thing ever and if it didn't work for them they weren't using it right 😂

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Live is going down more Thn Psn lately, where's the mistermediax green ppl tht talk so much crap yet fail to mention these constant live down times? The mighty Azure gtfo with tht.

In any case hope it gets fixed soon.

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