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I have better things to spend my$ 150 on

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Im glad im not one of those who bought a useless camera

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Sly baby yay

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Even if there was no absolute lag I still wouldn't buy this damn camera, because I don't support shovelware.

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hey a$$ wipe who's butt hurt i have the game. playing online is nothing to brag about, also we don't need obvious news about what system must people are playing on it's already known.

so you can take the stick out of your mouth, its a family site.

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honestly is this something to brag about? this is the most useless article/piece i've ever heard. 360=shooter console so it's kinda expected that majority of its owners will be playing this shooter more then the other platforms.

this is goddamn retarded.

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Dear god why

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You can't be that retarded. Anyway that's pretty strange set of criteria.

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I think the father leveling his son is still the best one lmao, I can't wait to see more of these videos because we know they're coming.

I have the move and im very much aware of my space limitations in my studio apt especially with a ceiling fan over my head.

I borrowed my brothers sports champion to try out and the only events I will play are table tennis, and frisbees.

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oh god what is wrong with you? are you sleeping with M$ or their execs? you, omega, cold are some of the worst people i've seen on this site you all act like M$ gives you money and free stuff when you know you don't get sh*t.

your love affair with kinect, and M$ is just downright creepy.

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+bubs to the both of you.

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that majority of 360 gamers are now defending shovelware lol. sorry M$ but your not getting my 150 for a camera, and a bunch of shovelware games.

so i'll just like to say to those crazy followers enjoy the shovelware while i, and others enjoy the core games releasing this month.

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i can do without this supposed game changer (hahaha), shovelware is a real game changer now, man if this is true i think it's time for me to hang up my game controllers.

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the ad they have for it is cool especially the part with the son hitting his dad in the head with the baseball, but i'm good with my droid 2.

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i love the box art super sexy.

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When my friend sent me this article at work I told him this full cause a full scale war.

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i'd rather not see a fat balding middle aging man face off against another douche who thinks he's too cool to remove his shades indoors lol.

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Hey what's its gamerankings at?

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Thank god I didn't waste money on this camera.

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i do not like the new look for some odd ass reason i get a Wii vibe off of it.

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